Nutrients during flower period

Just switched my lights to 12/12. Should I start with my blooming nutes right away? I also have powdered wood ash to add when the time is right??? Ii figger harvest is gonna be about the middle of August so what should I do and what shouldn’t I do in this very important period of the grow??? I want everything as close to good as possible!!! Any suggestions are welcome!!!


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I would make make sure you ween her off the veg nutes the first two weeks. I’ve done some reading on here and it has been mentioned over and over in conversation …and i believe you would start at like a half dose of the flower nutes just like starting veg… That’s a question though lol…sorry I’m not much help…:slight_smile:

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OK Gilly,

First Welcome to ILGM …We are all herer to help each other and we hang out in the Lounge to get to know each other…its a lot of fun.

Anyway that’s a good question.
First up you want to slowly move away from grow nutrients and move into flower.
So what you do is …your grow at 3/4 strength and flower 1/4 first feeding then on your 2nd feeding go with 1/2 grow and 1/2 flower
3rd feeding. 1/4 grow and 3/4 flower
Then from there on all flower that way the plant can much easier without issues.
If you want to add othet nutrients hfor weight andfandf so on go slow.

Hope this helps its the way I do it.

B Safe


Approximately how long is it from the time your tricoms start getting cloudy until your ready to harvest.And when should you guit nuts altogether.For example Days,weeks? And watering.
I have also read to stop watering a few days befor harvist.Is this true.They say it is to get rid of excessive nuts.

This is my first Auto-flower, Mexican Airlines ,55days
I can use all the input I can get,And thanks for the advise

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