Nutrients and when to stop?

How long before harvest do you stop nutrients?? Indoor recirculating DWC

Usually the rule of thumb is to allow a 2 week flush period. So if you have a 9 week strain then you would cut food at the end of week 7.

Thank you for your reply

Rdwc doesn’t need as much time as soil to flush out.

Your straight to the roots and can flush out easily in 2-3 days using r/o or distilled water.

The 2 weeks of water only is more for senescence and getting the plants into their “oh I’m dying” mode. At least in my book.

Do the nutrients stick around in the water or are they quickly absorbed??

I’ve always done the two weeks also but I was reading on other side and a commercial grow did a study that actually showed no benefit in either the lack of nutes left or in thc production. Got me rethinking…