Nutrients and watering

How often should I be adding nutrients to my water, my plants are 6 weeks old, in 5 gallon fabric pots, soil is sunshine mix#4 with 2 cups of worm castings and extra Dolomite limerick help buffer ph.
I have only been giving them 1/4 of the dosage recommended on the bottle( General hydroponics grow formula) could my problems be that I’m not feeding them enough? And should you feed every time you water, or alternate?

Is this the same issue you asked about in your other 2 threads? You’d probably have more luck just bumping the original thread with new pictures, if so.

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I just have questions about proper feeding, and yes, it is in relation to my other post, not really getting anywhere on the other one, been a few days.

I’m not familiar with the soil, but if it has a decent amount of nutes in it to begin with your girl shouldn’t have wiped them out in 6 weeks. Especially not in a 5 gallon with you adding nutes.

I’ve been told it’s not really a soil , it’s peat moss, coco coir, perlite, and dolomite lime.

How are the plants doing ?

They could be doing better, lower fan leaves are brown and crispy, started at the bottom and working toward the top.

does affect the new growth though.

Cut the funky leaves off and see what happens stop your feed plan for a bit and see what happens.

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Are those Auto or long term.

Long term plants , are you supposed to water plants so that there is run off every time you water?

I grow outdoors in pots temps are upper 90s. And soon we will have steady 100s i never get run off . Im a rebel grower and do pretty good i do not feed much at all. Only if i go check on my garden and see more then 5 or six lower leaves turning yellow. My food of choice is Wholly makarel from fox farm and liquid kelp they also get some great white . But that ends very soon and they will just get SeaBirdGuano for flowering
This attatched photo was Friday afternoon . My girls been in growing outside since First week of May started them


Nice crop, Alberta summers are short, likely couldn’t get plants that big from seed unless I started indoors a few months early lol.
Today it’s raining and only 12degrees Celsius , going to water Them tomorrow, hopefully they are going to be ok.
If you cut leaves off, where should you cut them?

If they are damaged or dying you could just push down on the leaf stem they should easily fall off

If its raining you may not need to water tommorow

When they’re outside I put them in a homemade greenhouse, weather can change quickly(hail), and at night I put them inside my garage,also gives me more control over there waterings.

How often does it rain

Once a week maybe, but when I’m at work I like to know that I don’t have to worry about a storm rolling through!

This is my open ended make shift greenhouse


If you have more than one going maybe leave one outside and only water it every three days or so and see how it does . Sometimes they like to be left alone . I found my groove I do not do much at all just not let them dry out too far i let them almost wilt before they get water

I could never use one of those my shit would burn up