Nutrients and water for hydro

A question from a fellow grower:

Yes I happen to have a few questions. I am looking to grow my own medical cannabis and I have settled on a medium and decided I will grow hydroponically. I want to go with a nutrient line up that will best suite all needs of the plant and maximize my yield. But I also don’t want to have to add a ton of products.

I was first looking at the fox farm dirty dozen starter kit, but I noticed the grow big nutrient was not intended for a hydroponic system but everything else included was. I am not 100% on it. I then settled on general hydroponics floranova bloom, armor si, diamond nectar, and flora keen. After doing some research I felt they would be best to suite a ton of needs for the plant and make for a successful grow. Along with some super thrive. Growing hydroponically I wasn’t sure what the best water source would be, tap or RO? Any suggestions on a small but effective nutrient line and watering tips? Pros and cons of tap water? And if I would need cal mag? I will be using coco coir with perlite and that’s it. Led lighting.

If you using coco you gone need cal mag definitely , coco is notorious for causing magnesium and iron defiencies , and in coco perlite you want your ph the same as hydro veg 5.8- 6.0 and flower 6.0-6.2 . Now for as water I suggest rain water , "It’s free " , so stock up as much as you can when it rains and it’s easier to ph than tap water due to chemicals that purify water to drink , no chlorine or fluoride and other chemicals , plus it’s right from the local river and lakes through evaporation , if not you can always go dip a bucket full from the river or lake ?

You should start with General Hydroponics 3-part. You need Grow (small bottle) Micro, and Bloom. You can use the additives you mentioned but, you can grow excellent plants with just the 3-part if you learn how to manipulate the formula. It is fairly simple and can be adapted in many ways.

When Using GH 3-part you will need CalMag.

GH 3-part seems to maintain a steady PH. I wrote a paper on 3-part several years ago, and it needs to be updated, You can search for it under the title of; “Gh 3 - part, all you need”, I think…

If you are interested I will try to find a non-bastardized copy of my formulas, and ideas on how to use this nutrient.

I think I posted a revised copy here at ILGM. It woud have been a year or so ago.