Nutrients and starting soil

Hey everyone let me start out by saying thank you for your knowledge and willingness to help beginners such as my self with that said let me fill you in.

I have just started growing for my first time and my girls are 8 days old I started them in Ocean Forest with a tsp of dynomycro (which I now know OF is to hot but is working fine).
I started them in 1 gallon pots without knowing you shouldn’t transplant autos but I successfully transplanted them to 3 gals with a mix of Ocean forest and coco loco to cool my mix. I waited till my 7th day, without disturbing the roots, with no shock on any of them, all reaching for the sun. Nevertheless, the reason why I’m reaching out is because I’m having a hard time understanding how long my soil is charged for, when to start feeding and how much to feed.
I’m working with the general hydroponics nutrient line and have the whole lineup. If it helps I’m using two 315 cmh for lighting at 26 inches and using RO water with ph of 7.0. My temperature is on average 73 degrees and my humidity anywhere from 68 to 75%. Thanks again for all the help!!

Typical is 4 to 6 weeks before the soil needs supplements.
Watch for signs of hunger, lower leaves starting to yellow.
I start feeding 1/2 strength at about 4 weeks and they do fine.
Full strength after two watering’s at 1/2.
Everyone is a little different so take all the advice you get and find what works best for you.
And welcome to the forum btw


Thank you so much for the feedback
It is greatly appreciated!
If I may ask what’s your ideal numbers of ec, ppm and ph of dirt and water during certain growth stages?

I would also lower that ph. 6.5 is where you want it.

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Thanks TEGRITY I appreciate it.
Would I want a water ph of 6.5 the whole time or should it adjust accordingly?

@Spiney_norman Hit all the right points. My girls started to get yellow on the lower leaves about week 3-4. Started with CalMag and then eased them into the nutes. 1/4 dosage at first.


By the way, love the name @TEGRITY

Randy’s the best lol

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I agree with @OooWee1184 . keep 6.5 all the way.

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Me and Randy aren’t the same. Just kindred spirits!


Pure RO water needs no adjustment. Its neutral.
In fact most meters just jump around trying to measure pH of RO water.

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Ok thanks! Is there a desired ppm or ec you try to achieve when first starting with the cal-mag and so on so fourth?

@Stonerkid47 I’m gonna get smacked by the regulars on here but I haven’t paid much attention to the ppm yet. I just do the min dosage of calmarg (3 ml) per gallon. I haven’t changed it the whole time. (day 78 currently) I really just keep on eye on PH. I ph the water after I add nutes. This is not how the pros on here will recommend you do it. They keep an eye on PPM the whole life of the plant. Sorry I can’t help more there.

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Lol! No problem my friend I appreciate any know how on nutes to be honest because I was lost and still kinda am but I’m getting there thanks for the help big time!


Just an FYI. I do not use the line of products you listed, nor use Ocean Forest. All products I use are organic (Nature if the Gods). The points I wanted to make are this: 1) check the PH of your water AFTER you add all of your “Nutes” not before; 2) I use two ranges for PH - during veg, - 6.0 to 6.3; during flowering 6.3 to 6.7.

Oh. Always remember: Growing is Learning! :wink: :crazy_face:

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