Nutrients and how to mix them

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I don’t mean to sound like an advertisement for Mills here. I really like Jacks also, and would highly recommend it. But Mills is very easy to mix, and the three level schedule makes it very easy to adjust the nutrient level.

It is easy to flirt with the burnt tips, (painted nails), but not actually let them develop, during veg. Then around mid flower I will boost the nutrients and let the tips turn a bit. Mills works well with coco and soil both. The organics in Mills supplements R &C4 require a lot of maintenance of reservoirs, if one is used, though.

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Dang. Like i said this my first one i kinda figured out something else my ph meter wont stay calibrated. I got a new one yesterday. After seeing those surely going to look into to mills products.most of the reason these messed up is me. Those look awesome!!!. Thanks again.

They’re starting to come aroumd.

When using this fertlizer and following the soil schedule that is pictured above how many time a a week do you use the fertlizer? Specifically fir the seedling and veg stage? I feel like that’s where I had the most issues last year.

I ise one tea spoon per gal. During the veg i feed them alttle evey day. They looked great up until i backed off my nutes because i thought i was giving to much and burnig the tips of the leaves but everyone i talked to said that was ok .so i went back to what i was doing before wich was feeding them some every day and they are stating to do what their supposed to.

Glad that you are back on track.


@DF i used it 1x per week.