Nutrients and Dwc

Trying to plan ahead for my next grow,first time trying DWC,at what point do I start giving the plant I wait until 4th or 5th set of true leaves like when growing in soil or can you give it nutrients right after germination

It is the same for al mediums and methods. Cannot give nutrients until 4-5 nodes of true leaves

i currently have no hydro shops around me and perfered to shop in person so i bought everything while i went on vacation and brought it back i have only had one grow and it was a 5gallon net pot dwc grow with some very generic nutrients for my first grow and i had very little problems with my first grow other than i used all cfl bulbs and it took a little time but got roughly 40 grams out of my plant but this time now that i have 1 successful grow and understand more i have built my 50 gallon fishtank into a dwc that will basically hold 20-25 gallons of water and the tank is 4ft long 16’‘x18’’ or so i have 4 air stone tubing and a 4 port air pump, clay pellets and 4’’ cubes…i have upgraded my lights and have a 300 w led and a 180 w led put my old cfl 200-300w bulb…my grow tent is something i built and am going to be 21/2ftx5 ftx 4ft then i can add 3 ft to it if i want but how many plants can i grow and i also bought RX Greensolution part A&B grow and part A&B bloom some liquid seaweed and some flora bud concentrate anyways what is the mixture for this has anyone had any problems should i do a scrog grow this time i also ordered amnesia haze i havent yet started my grow but am going to start within the month just want to do plenty of research before i start. I also own a digital tds meter but have never used it?? and a digital ph meter that i do use…dont really want to spend any money on a RO water system can i buy 5 gallon jugs of water at a fish store? and just PH it??? Do i use both part A&B at same time? is there anything i need to think of or do before also temp has always stayed at 72-75 and at 40% humiditiy i never had a issue there? last time i ran it a few problems but were caught very eary and fixed only problems i had was i needed to add hydrogen peroxide and epson salt last time but it was never more than a few leaves that drooped or got light spotting but it only lasted a few days

You can mail order our nutrient system specifically designed for cannabis, and it works great in DWC.

A lot of regular forum members, like @yoshi, have used it with great success.

You can even use stuff from a regular store’s nursery/garden sections, even miracle gro.

It is not the absolute optimal mix, but it is how I started in DWC, and it would work well with tap water that isn’t too hard, not much higher than a 0.1EC/50ppm/tds NaCl conversion, and then, of course, add the magnesium and calcium, as stated in the link, or add it with a Cal-Mag supplement.

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Cookies93 yes you are to suppose to used the A & B in grow formula , and also the same when you get into flower , you used the A & B bloom together , it’s how the nutrient line has formulated the line you have . But if you want to get bigger buds and more of a yield than 40 grams , ILGM booster nutrients is amazing stuff and it is very easy to follow , the grow is like black liquid gold for plants , it simply works awesome , and the bud really give your plants that real purgent smell , and the THC Mass really does exactly what it says , they get fat , and very full of trichomes (resin crystals ) super sticky . Robert nutrients is great stuff , I order 2 at a time , but you can check out my haze I just ran with ILGM booster nutrients and advance hobbyist additives , and the amnesia haze did twice more than what I expected , since I’ve never growed auto’s until now . I’m still waiting on this stubborn blueberry , but it’s a mammoth for an auto I think , but it’s a Johnny come late , which is reall good , now it has the whole space to itself , when I growed them in the same small tent .