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Can anyone recommend a complete nutrient package with minimal mixing fuss? I’m currently using Shogun nutes, which comprises eight different bottles and a shit-load of mixing. I’m growing indoors with coco-coir. Any help much appreciated.
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Jack’s 321. Simple, effective, reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive.


Simple: Jack’s 321.
Simpler yet is Jacks for TAP 15-5-20. Two component dry nutrients. You can add to it but don’t need to


Background: I am an organic farmer with a degree in horticulture.

Every Ag Feed store in the nation has a full line of fertilizers. Just work out what ratio of N,P,K you want and walk down the aisle to get 50 pounds of fertilizer. they are very cheap.

And some of it is Certified Organic if that is a big concern for you.


The generally accepted ratio for cannabis is 20-10-20.


I’m currently using. Fox farm cultivation nation. Veggie.

It did wonders when I used on naked organic soil. My plant has responded amazingly to it. Once into bloom I switch to Fox farm trio of. Open sesame. Beastie blooms and cha chin.


I second Jack’s 3-2-1: nothing easier or more cost-effective. Part A, Epsom Salt (unscented) and Part B. You can also modify the program by using an MKP booster (Monopotassium Phosphate) right at transition to give them a bolus of P and K for flower.

Full strength from the start, no flushing necessary and produces great plants.


Gonna jump on the Jacks train


Showed up here right after you in july. 1st grow ever, jacks 321. No issues at all. On the jacks train.

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Jacks 321 and luvin it

Well covered!! :arrow_up:

Did fox farms for a while. Jacks is way easier and cheaper and most importantly…gave better flowers


I’ve been using and having positive results so far with the 3 part general hydroponics liquid, used in in soil for the last 3 quarters of this past grow I just harvested. Nothing but deficiency after deficiency before switching to this stuff, and it’s cheap! Gonna try my whole next grow with it! :grinning:

But I’ve also herd good reviews with jacks, that’s what I would have tried before gh, but again it was a spectacular finish with gh so I’d be a fool to try something else so far. Just my 2 cents I’m a new grower.

Still drying my harvest and really hoping on some non hay smell and taste.


For ease of use grow dots and recharge mix the dots in at the beginning and add recharge every other watering mite need a little cal mag in flower even easier than jacks

I have been using the full Humboldt Secret line. It has been working out very well for me. The Golden Tree smells bad but the girls love it.

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