Nutrient tutorials?

Can anyone point me towards some basic nutrient tutorials? My partner is great at the seedling, trimming, growing part, but I want to know more about which nutrients are imperative when and why and how to troubleshoot and Id what a plant needs. Any suggestions on what to read/watch? Thanks all and happy growing


There is so much info out there and it is all different. If u stick with Jack’s 321, follow the exact schedule, and get the meters to check numbers. A digital ph tester, and a tds or ppm meter. These will let you know when to feed your girls. It takes some time, but I figured it out, which is amazing anyway. Have u read Robert’s grow bible? Someone else can let u know. Did you look in the search bar on ilgm?


Thanks beachglass for the valuable input. I’ve read the Bible. There is just so much different info out there, trying to whittle it down for this first grow season.

Research macro and micro nutrients for cannabis. This community and that research is how I learned the nutrients, amounts and ratios needed by growth stage. grow weed easy dot com is a favorite place I like to visit. Nebula Haze has some great info on there :love_you_gesture:

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Where to start?
My thought process is to start at the beginning. -
What is growing method and location.
Grow medium
Organic or synthetic
Water soluble or liquid form

Once you have made those decisions and selections start with the nutrient’s website for information related to the use and application of its nutrients and supplements.
Jack’s, Advanced Nutrients, General Hydro, Fox Farm, Green Sunshine Co and many others are well regarded with loads of information, either directly from its site, user blogs or of course search the forum.

I like Jack’s and coco provided you have the time. Although it is a great combination to use in autopots.

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I use fox farm trio along with cal mag easy to follow feeding chart.

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What sort of nutrients are we talking about here is it bottled nutrients or organic or powder nutrients