Nutrient suggestions

I’m a beginner on my first grow, using FFOF in 5 gallon smart pots growing W.W. photo period. I’m here asking what synthetic nutrient line people recommend. I know FFOF is already hot, but in a few weeks I’m going to need to make a purchase. any suggestions?


There are a large number of nutrient lines in soil and hydro but the two most common are FF and GH. I’ve used both and did an informal comparison and I believe the FF nute line produces a milder and less harsh smoke. That’s just my unscientific comparison.

They all work well but a huge percentage of problems on this forum are either water related or over fertilized. Your plants in FFOF will frankly be just fine for six weeks. What is more important is maintaining the proper PH so that your plants can uptake the nutrients already present in that soil.


I would use the fox farm trio since your already using thier soil
The big bloom is organic but
Grow big and tiger bloom are both synthetic
And may be why it had a better taste @Myfriendis410 since gh is 100% synthetic
I will also recommend you purchase the dry trio they offer as a bloom booster

They work good i keep ff products on my shelves
I do recommend you follow flush instructions they give you on feeding chart as well if you decide to use them


If growing “organic” Humbolts County Own line >consider going to their site. For “chemical” look at “PH” perfect nutrient line by Advanced Nutrients (no checking ph- again) but there are many other’s : Fox Farms, Necture of the Gods, ect Keep it simple !!

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I was using GH FloraNova until some of their products were no longer available where I live. So I have moved on the the Advanced Nutrient line. So far I find them superior my girls seem to love their stuff. PH perfect is also nice yet I still do check my pH. Also need to think of budget as well. Some of the stuff is expensive.

I would like to go totally organic in the future just to see if it is a better smoke.

And like @Countryboyjvd1971 said you are already in FF soil why not use their nutes.

Just my 2 cents. Happy growing

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Personally, i love FF products. I use the entire Dirty Dozen line and my plants seem to really love it. I think if you’re using the soil you should stick with the FF nutrients as well.


Look at “Humbolts County Own” great organic nutrients. Look at Fox Farms Ocean Blend soil & Happy Frog a bit pricey but worth it . since using have had extremely fantastic results every go-a-round>

it is now day 46 of veg and I have yet to use any nuts. I have decided to use the fox farm trio. I do have some questions and the color of some leaves on one of my W.W. here is a pic of the plants now please help

some damage as well one one or 2 leaves on the entire plant. please let me know ur thoughts

What is your Ph and how are you using the nutes, full strength? How often?

ph at 6.5 and I’m in FFOF so o haven’t used and nutes yet

How old is this plant? I think you should start using those FF nutes, the soil is probably depleted by now and it looks like some deficiency.

it’s was transplanted 46 days ago so it’s probably been in veg for about 50 day. and should I do any defoliating? and should I start nutes at half strength?

I always start my nutes at half strength, so yes, I would recommend that and see how she reacts. If she does ok, then you can move up to 3/4 strength and so on. I wouldn’t do any defoliating yet, though that yellow leaf is probably bothering you, just leave it for now.

thank u so much!

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so on the feeding schedule, I should go off the page that says soil feeding and start at week 1? or week 5 sense they are about 5 weeks old and when should I introduce cal-mag?

Yes, soil feeding, week 5 is where you should start. I’m not sure you’re going to need the Cal Mag. The FF nutes already supply that in the feedings, but see how they do and if you still see deficiencies you can add the Cal Mag separately.