Nutrient suggestions for quality and weight?


Well im needing a suggestion on a nute to add to my dwc, I got a little bit of money on my ■■■■■■ and would like to add nutrient to increase quality/weight to my grow, I’ll list what I’ve got and a pic of the plant, now i was thinking either diamond nectar or koolbloom, but that’s the only 2 i really know of, this is my first dwc, but I’m open to any nutrients and lines, just let me know when ya think…

Auto: Blueberry blissbliss in early flower/transitioning

Flora Series micro, gro, bloom
Floralicious Plus
Super thrive

So what would be a good addition for quality and weight?


Beastie blooms! Or another dry product crazy high in potassium and phosphorus. 0-20±20+

Add dry amendments to regular feedings, start a week or two earlier then recommended with half the dose

DN is well known and does a solid job from what I hear.
I’m glad your wanting to stick with Dry nutes.
Koolbloom is from GH and I have heard good things. You are sorta already using the GH line so if you enjoy their products thus far you shouldnt be worried about trying a small batch to see if It makes a difference.
I’ve stuck with one nutrient so far so I don’t know much aside from what I read.
So far the NPK series has caught my eye it’s just expensive.
For the last year I have been using chem gro 4-20-39 (although it needs silica, humic acid and kelp in a 5:2 ratio Soo that’s why I am really liking the NPK all in one and might try it in the future)

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Nice!!! I’ll definitely check it out, I like hearing about nutes people has tried, and I’m just trying to get at least some A A grade smoke

Thinning the plant of small shoots and buds will help too.

For Hydro DWC, Flower with the GH Trio 5 weeks, then Beastie Bloom and Cha-Ching at the end. The whole time I use MPG 0.0.2 instead of Hydrogard 10ml per gallon. It is the chit

I would suggest you stick with the GH Flora line as you have so far. You can follow a published grow schedule and use any or all of the supplemental nutrients laid out in the Flora line. I use everything except Rapid Start and it both does a stellar job and is pretty economical. It’s not organic but that isn’t really very compatible with DWC. I would be using something like Hydroguard and Florakleen at rez changes.


Well it seems like the plant is growing faster then the notes can be provided, so I got some diamond nectar and some kool bloom to add to the nutrient mix, next run I’m trying to find a good nutrient line that’s not ridiculously expensive, this was my first hydro grow, next time I’m either going to switch lines completely and or try the full GH line and go from there, maybe mix match some nutrient lines to make my own lol

IMO this is a mistake. The nutrient lines and published grow schedules are there for a reason. Get plenty of experience before branching out and when you do; do it with a sound plan.

You can grow cannabis just fine with Grow, Micro and Bloom.


Yeah I’m not sure where mine is lacking and I feel it is drastically, I’m not sure if it’s the strain or pheno type I got, the nutes, the light, or even the cure but I never feel I get the end result I want, I’ve grown a lot out doors with some decent results, but I only grow indoors with a 2 dwc, so I can experiment and push strains, now I’ve seen some imaculant bud, and it’s hard to describe it in words, but you know the way bud looks right before you cut it down how it’s glazed looking… even after there cure it looks the same way… and i can’t achieve that and it’s driving me crazy…lol, looks like some 1 hit with the fake snow you put in xmas trees lol, now I’m on a quest to figure it out lol

This ones gonna be frosty. Lots of variables to get em to look frosty