Nutrient solution.....?

I have 2 5 gallon buckets. 1 for veg 1 for flower.
I plan to mix my solution in each for each growth phase.
How long can the solution sit in the bucket before its no good?
The nutrient mix must go bad after a set amount of time am I correct? I plan on ordering jacks nutrients 3.2.1 formula specifically for cannabis…? anyone have any knowledge regarding solution life span? thanks

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Dont think I ever saw any printed info on that.
I have lots of garden plants around the house so after I water all the cannabis I just use the rest on the tomatoes. The last thing you want to do is mess up your cannabis with something like this, especially since Jacks is one of the least expensive nutrients on the market.

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I’ve been told pre mixing is not a good idea. Nutes go bad fast. Need to mix as needed.

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Yea… I was wondering. I figured the easiest way is to mix 5 gallons worth and just use my transfer pump when I need to add more to my reservoir.
1st time grower and i’m attempting hydroponics.

Anyone else using Jacks nutrients…? @kdawg

Product is shipped separately because the salts don’t play well together. You can mix nutes and put a small submersible pump in the bucket to agitate it and ought to get 10 days or so if liquid is cool and out of direct light. You will have to PH each time more than likely.


And there you have it. Trust this guy ^^^^ 410%! :+1::v:

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I’d rather just mix as I need it… for a 5 gallon bucket… what water level should i maintain… i’m using a 10 inch mesh pot and im going to set 2 clones in the pot with clay pellets. i’m using 2 air stones. any suggestions?

You’re doing DWC I assume. Two plants in the same spot will compete and usually one loses.

Water level below net pot should be 1 1/2 - 2".

If mixing to top water like in coco I would mix just enough for one time.

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@Myfriendis410 danm… really. thanks for the wisdom. ill just do 1 plant per bucket. i got a 5 gallon for veg and 1 for flower. im gonna use it to mix my solution and use a transfer pump get it to the reservoir. im gonna try 2kg of jacks nutrients and if it goes well ill get the 25lbs bag.:+1::+1:

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Pick up one of those 27 gallon yellow topped totes, 3" net pot and can do one or two in that volume. Having as large a reservoir as possible will cut down your workload. Managing for temps is important too: stay below 70F and use a product like Hydroguard and have LOTS of air.


Absolutely agree with myfriend seeing how he taught me everything I know… well pretty much!! :+1:t2:
I use Jack’s as well. I would go with the 321 formula. Jacks formula at 1 gal mixed will be 950 ppm’s pending on the water you use.
I use my tap water but it’s only about 70 ppm’s

I would cut each formula to where the strength is around 200-400 ppm’s seedlings to early veg. stage.

I have yet to be able to run full strength. I have two 20 gal totes (1 plant in each tote) and a res in an RDWC system. I have about 18 gal in my system right now in the 6 week of flower. I’m running about 400-500 ppm’s. A little goes a long way.
Others may tell you diff. and that’s ok. You have to grow based on your plants needs.

I started out and planned on doing just a dwc but after I started thinking about what all is actually involved in the grow and my conditions, I decided to go with the RDwc just to help combat the ph fluctuations and everything else. Are you gonna scrog ? How will you do it in a 5 gal bucket? Just something to think about maybe.
First and foremost how will you keep your roots cool enough?
Your plants roots in a 5 gal bucket, when in veg, will fill that bucket easy. She will drink maybe a gal or more a day.
Sorry if I said something you already know.
Good luck! If we can help feel free to tag anybody.
PS I use armor si and hydroguard and a chiller.

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I was planning to start off with small doses. Im using a 4x4 tent I don’t have enough room for a Rdwc I might upgrade my system later. I don’t know what scrog means… can you tell me what that means? I planned to keep the water in the bucket at 20-23 degrees celsius i got an inkbird 306A temperature controller on it way in the mail… i’m a first time grower so i’m just learning as I go along but i’m taking the time to determine everything I need so i’ve been woking on it for about 6 months now.

A scrog is a training method to make the plants grow out wide instead of high. You can find all sorts of examples on the u tube as well as on here. Here is my scrog that is a 28"x28"

(This is a coco grow I did two years back.)

There are many many different ways to do a scrog. You have to figure out what works best for you.

Not sure of the space in the room you have where your tent is, but you can always put the res outside of the tent as well as the chiller. All you have to do is run pipes through the tent and hook to the tote(s).

I think, if I’m not mistaken, this is just like a thermostat. I don’t think it’s actually going to cool your water if that’s what I’m understanding your use of it is. Maybe I misunderstood you?

@spyonyou it maintains a temperature between 20 degrees C and up.

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I think unless you have a cold cold room, being in a tent, you may find it difficult to keep temps cool, especially when they get big.
I think others have done it, but they also struggled.
Another thing you might need to consider is humidity. When the plants fill up that tent, whether it’s one or four, your plants will produce a lot of humidity. Might be something to think about if you haven’t already. :+1:t2::sunglasses:

im ordering a t8 inline duct fan for the tent.
i might have to get a mini a/c to match my space heater and humidifier to get all the temperatures at the right level. @spyonyou

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