Nutrient solution mixing

I have 2 5 gallon dwc bubble buckets. This is the first time that I have used them. I’m tryin to get a grasp on how to feed. Would I measured out the nutrients, then ph the solution inside the bucket or mix them up in a separate bucket an then add it to the bubble bucket? Or how would I do this? Any input would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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Thanks yoshi

for a 2 bucket system, get 4 buckets.

Mix the nutes and pH the water in a fresh bucket and transfer the net pot and plant to the new bucket then clean out the old bucket and get it ready for the next reservoir change.

is that what you mean, or adding nutes between reservoir changes?


So mix the nutrients and water in one bucket, then transfer the net pot to the bucket with the solution in the spare bucket, so I can clean the actual bucket out than the just pour the water into the bucket an repeat for the other bucket? If that makes sense,

use one bucket for your plant, prepare a fresh reservoir in a spare add nutes and then ph then put in your plant, the spare becomes your new bucket till the next reservoir change, then switch buckets back at the next reservoir change…and keep that rotation going.


Oh ok. I think know I have about good idea now. Thank brother

That’s how I do it if using buckets I swap bucket entirely using my bigger res I mix nutrients in 1 bucket 5 Gall then empty res add the nutrient bucket first then top off with straight water since solution gets weaker as I fill it no risk of burning roots then I ph and check ppm once res is full and adjust accordingly


Appreciate it y’all
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As these other guys mentioned, Id mix your solution in a 3rd bucket, then pour it into your DWC system.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

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The usual range (5.5 - 6.5) for pH is fine. 6.0-6.3 is optimal for vegetative growth, and 5.7-5.9 for flowering and fruiting. These specific veg and flower pH ranges will help to ensure that the minerals most needed for each development stage are most available.

Keep EC / TDS on the low side. Try half strength (based on the manufacturer’s guidelines) first or even lower when plants are young. Lower EC can result in a higher intake of water into a plant’s tissue which, in turn speeds plant metabolism and increases nutrient transport.

Hope this helps



Thanks Will, I was planning on cutting all the nutrients in half instead of what they recommend.
As for extra buckets I washed 2 last night that have been sittin in my garage. I plan to mix them up in there then temporarily till I can wash the buckets that they are in now then thus transfere the water . If that makes sense