Nutrient Setup for Soil, Coco, Hydro

It worked I mean it would be 97 out side the shed ambiantly outside and I could get it down to 65 in my wall cavity if I closed it up in cover mode… I had dry wall up and allthis was the space before with the bottom panel not in so i could work on plants


I’ll take the ‘too much light’ problem any time. Gotta be tough in the summer down south. Temps are pretty reasonable all summer here in the north. Humidity is always 40%-60% so adjustments are easy.

But everything closed up to them prices of wood all dry wall and put a shelf on the front of it so I could hang some stuff to block the glow a little but no matter what I did …foam, caulk paint rags u name it would for ever be a little glow but I did get under controll to where u didn’t see it under the door leading into the storage closet j built it in …I built the whole wall witha single pallet I disassembled and 2 pieces of dry wall talk about budget growing got almost all my lights from friends and such and on a budget I figured out the wrong way to grow and water and deal with issues but none the less I figured out what my problems were and what I had to do to fix them and I lived and learned


My temp in the winter is no lower then 50s on average 90s to 100s in the summer