Nutrient schedules

I’m using a 4 5gallon bucket RDWC system I’m trying to figure out my nutrient schedule. I just put my popped seeds into the rockwool 6 days ago and this is where I’m at only using ro water no nutrients. For my seedling fertilizer do I wait to use until I actually put the seedling into the dwc buckets?


Hold off on nutrients until the little round leaves die off… then start them at 150 to 250 ppm for the next 3 weeks… :wink:
That’s with water with 0 ppm to start with… and a ph of 5.5 to 6.5


@Fluffy you got solid advice from @ peachfuzz you’ll be good.

Got my temp hanging around 70 in the grow buckets right now just using ice packs. Wondering I have a 1200w king plus led light currently is 31” from plant the directions of the led call for 24” when should I start lowering and to what height? This is day 6 of being in the RDWC ststem. Here are what they look like


@peachfuzz were you the one I was talking to about a design for a RDWC system you made?

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Yes I’m still gonna get you those pics…
I’ve been super busy pulling everything out …
Trying to buy the place and they have to inspect every little thing…
So now that I took everything out I can get you some good pics of everything…
I’ll try to get those for you today… :grin:

Thanks I list the original email and wasn’t sure if that was you or not. Lol. I’ve finally found and ordered my water chiller last night so I’ll be ready to start setting up my next tent. Thanks again for all your help!

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If you expand this pic open there are yellow spots on a leaf. Is this anything to be concerned about?