Nutrient question

Recently I switch all my seeds growing from white widow to super skunk due to smell but flower seems smaller.
I use:
First week: EC 1.5; Budblood 1tsp 5gals; liquid Karma 20ml 5 gals; Calmag 20 mil; rootxplorer 5ml
Week 2-4: Remove budblood add 40mil of bigbud; remove rootxplorer after third week.
week 5-week8: remove bigbud and add bloomblastic
PH 5.8-6.2
any suggestion?

Thank you

Ph seems dial in right where it needs to be . Is that the advance nutrient line ?

What are your base nutrients? The only thing you listed was additives. I use Liquid Karma alone, for Seedlings, clones, and Mother plants, but I am not sure you want to rely on this and calmag for a complete regimen. Even adding bud, and big AN bloom additives

my base nutrient maxibloom and EC about 1.5. Most from AN

i purchased the nutrient trio Robert sells on ilgm. the grow, bud booster, thc booster. when should i start using them. i have two that are in veg state now. i have them outside and they dont need watering because we got a lot of rain for past 2 days.


You should start your own topic. Yuor reply has nothing to do with the original members query, Thanks :slight_smile:

Just be careful not to be over applying any particular nutrients/minerals. Sometimes additives overlap other additives, and cause issues. This is why I like to use a strong base formula, and less additives.

Additives should only be used as such; Additives; And, as such they do not need to be used all the time, and/or at the same time. Hope thishelps.

Just received my technaflora have 4 5gal buckets with OG kush not sure how much to feed am I to use a gallon per bucket

Probably not, probably more like a table spoon per gallon of total volume of water, maybe. There should be directions of recommended mixture per liter or gallon of water, something like about 5 milliliter(about a teaspoon) per liter(about a quart) of water, and/or a recommended EC/PPM measurement for the concentration mix when mixed with zero ppm water.

Was wondering if each 5 gallon bucket gets 1 gallon of nutrient enriched water

Is each 5 gallon bucket a DWC or other hydro with how many gallons of water? Or is it filled with about 5 gallons of soil?

Sorry it’s 5 gallon of layered soil fox farm at bottom miracle grow mc in middle and seedling soil on top

You might not need to give it anything more than water, when needed, for quite some time.

So are you saying the nutrients in fox farm soil is good for now doesn’t seem to be growing as much

It depends on what stage of growth they are in and what is left in the soil. It does look like they are big enough to get some additional nutrients, but I don’t know much about the specific nutrient mix you are using. Knowing how much the EC/PPM of the soil or the runoff might help. If the PPM of the runoff is significantly lower the the recommendation of the nutrient mix, then yes you can add the nutrient mix and bring the PPM in the soil up to the recommended higher levels.

Ok thanks just got technaflora recipe for success will use very weak solution…also I notice when I did water last week one them had very little run off if any is that a problem or is just not enough water

Most people growing in soil indoors do something called flood and drain to waste. Usually the soil is evenly saturated with water until some water comes out all the holes on the bottom of the container. They will over water to just a couple inches extra water comes out to test on, to up to as much as 30% or maybe even as much as 40%-50% more than the volume of soil, to help keep nutrient salts from building up too high and causing any problems. This same technique could be used with a mild nutrient concentration mixed in as well, constantly, or a stronger concentration, and pure water a few times during the next few watering times in-between, before the more concentrated nutrient mix is applied again.

If you are routinely monitoring your EC/PPM runnoff and not using too drastic of NPK ratios, I don’t think the more extreme runoff percentages need be thrown away, but many people do swear by it and then the plant is always getting a mild nutrient flushed through it at every feeding and the soil is always getting heavily flushed to keep any imbalances from building up, but it does require the use of more nutrients. BTW, all the runoff that is “drained to waste”, isn’t necessarily wasted, it is often used on other plants in a person’s yard outside, or some such.

Also the flood to drain, with water or with nutrients, you should then let the soil nearly completely dry out again before re-watering or re-feeding, and this is determined easily enough by the feel of the container and plant when fully saturated with water and then the same when it is nearly totally dry, you can tell when the container and plant are significantly lighter that it is time to re-water.

I was told 2table spoons per4gal.