Nutrient question with variety of calcium

I have been growing now for 2 years and things have been going well. I am using Jacks 321 for my nutrients. My buddy who also grows told me to start using Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Sulfate and Calcium Phosphate in my soil. Looking to hear some pros and cons and if it’s really necessary. Would I really see a difference in my plants growth? Any feedback is appreciated!

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Jacks Part B is Calcium Nitrate.

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Understood, but the 3 calcium’s I mentioned were different.

Dont want a calcium overload!!

Agreed! You can have to much of a good thing.

Just because a little bit is good, More is not (necessarily) better.

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Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum) is a fairly common additive in DIY soil mixes. Bruce Bugbeee adds it to his peat. It adds calcium and sulfer. If calcium phosphate is a source of phosphorous in addition to calcium, I believe bone meal is often used as a primary source of phosphorous.
I switched to coco and jacks so I don’t have to try to remember this stuff


Yeah I’m using Ocean Forest soil for all my grows with Jacks 321 and don’t want to over complicate things if it’s not necessary. My buddy is doing a lot of organic stuff and does make his own soil so for him it’s probably more necessary. I think I’ll just keep going as is.

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If it works for you then I would want to mess with it. Jack’s 321 has good amounts of both calcium and sulfur.

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Harley Smith has done lots of videos on cannabis nutrients. I remember in one of them he talked a good amount about the different forms of calcium and the specific benefits of each.
Sorry I can’t be more specific about the video. I just searched and there’s so many results it will take some time to find the one I’m remembering. I think it was close to an hour video, so you can definitely skip over all the shorter ones.