Nutrient question for Autos versus photos

SO I went to the grow store today and he told me since I was growing autoflower plants, once they reach bloom I dont need to supply any N any more and my Flora Nova Bloom by general hydroponics was going to reduce my yield and , said something about more fluffy buds. da da da da (he talked fast) so he tried to sell me and then gave me a sample of some Bloom 0,6,5 while I was feeding 4-8-7 in general hydro.

Any truth behind what he told me? Anyone have any input? anyone point me to a more detailed source for the NPK numbers etc etc etc? coupled with a pH lesson would be magic! Thanks, all

Nitrogen is necessary throughout the grow and it is particularly important for the accelerated growth during the first 3 or 4 weeks of flowering when plant size can double.

Nutrients should be managed to runoff PPM. Good cannabis nutrient lines will be properly balanced or have a balanced schedule such that you don’t have to think about NPK ratios.


I have no input but when you can tag me again in your grow journal, missed placed it lol. Want to see how them viparspec light are doing for you ?

With Auto’s you will want to cut most nute lines recommendations in half.

Loose, airy or ‘fluffy’ flower is normally due to insufficient lighting.