Nutrient ppm thoughts

Where do I need to keep nuts at ppm wise they are 1150ppm right now

How old are your plants? What stage of growth? What kind of nutrients u running? Lights?


Great point. I was going to rattle off some numbers based on plant stage, but yeah, good lighting means you can have higher nute loads.

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Medium ffof,7 weeks flower toad 600

That chart’s pretty spot on. Try to stay around 900-1200.

The amount of ppms is less important that using the proper amounts of each type required.

900 ppms heavy Nitrogen (N) loaded in late flower wont do much besides burn leaves.

700 ppms of PK however… would do a TON better then the other option.


@PurpNGold74 I have a question that is probably simple to answer, especially for Dirty South Canna King. First, happy cake day! I have not started my grow. I have an Apera EC 20 tester which I have calibrated using instructions included. My water from faucet, well water, is reading 181.3 uS, except the u is backwards. If I am understanding correctly, this means my EC is .18, and ppm is about 90. PH is right at 7.0. Can I use this tap water for jacks and coco or am I not understanding something here?

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Sure you can. I use my tap. It’s 250ppm (.5ec) and 7.4ph. The only reason I use it instead of RO is because after mixing the Jack’s it nails ph at 6.52. If I use RO it hits like 4.5 and I have to dump in a bunch of ph up to get it in range.


Thanks! I am still getting things together and just received my part b bag of Jacks. The whole uS or mS notations at the end of the numbers on my EC meter were confusing me. In my defense, I am easily confused.

The uS is micro siemens. We’re looking for milli siemens. Just move the decimal 3 places to the left like you did.

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