Nutrient PH too low

Merry Christmas! Can anyone help with this? I’ve been mixing nutrients in 5 gallon buckets of water for a month. It’s a lot of work for 36 plants so I bought a 35 gallon tank and we just started mixing in there. RO water fills the tank and ph = 6.5. Then I start adding my nutes. Soil A and ph slightly drops. Soil B and PH drop dramatically to like 3.8 add multi zen, root excellerator and drip clean and my batch is testing at 3.6.
I thought I was going crazy so I mixed a new batch in the 5 gallon bucket and ph = 5.6. Mixed a small cup and ph = 5.6. I poured the 35 gallon mix down the drain, started over and got the same 3.4 what the hell???

Can I use pH up to get it to 6.5? I heard that that causes too many ppm’s. What’s going to happen if I put this mix on my plants?

I have the same problem. I collect rain water and its ph is around 6.1-5. After adding nutrients it gets to the low 5s. I add general hydroponics ph up and it doesn’t mess with my tds at all

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Yes, pH UP and pH DOWN are used for that exact purpose, to correct the pH of the water or the nutrient solution.

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