Nutrient / PH balance

I have been lucky not good with my first grow. I now have PPM and PH meter and I am experimenting with testing. My question is this: Are you more concerned about levels in run off vs added? If my PH is low from run off, is the idea to use higher PH in the next watering to raise it? Same with Nutrients. Adjust based on run off? My next grow I want to be good not lucky. Thanks in advance for the help.

Always mix according to your feed schedule and monitor what’s left as it runs out. I mix my nutes to the required strength and pH. I then water until I get a little runoff and measure what has come out the other end. The difference is what your plant has consumed. If it comes out higher or the same as what went in I use water only until it starts to come down as you’re using what’s in the soil. As for pH I monitor that as well, if it starts to rise or fall then that’s an indication that something is going wrong at root level and that will manifest itself in the canopy in some way. Hope this helps

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As for PH, my soil naturally reduces the PH from what I put in. It seems to keep it in range if I use PH that is slightly higher I.e. 7.4 gets me 6.6 run off. Does that sound right or should I do something different?

How does your plant look. If she’s healthy and vibrant looking then leave things the way they are. Personally I keep everything within range and monitor what comes out. If my runoff pH is low I will do what you’re doing and raise the pH going in to counter the low pH coming out :sunglasses: