Nutrient options in canada

Hello all! I’ve got 4 ladies doing great and enjoying their day outside in pots. This is my second grow and the first time I’ve tried to raise my game and learn, learn, learn. I’m about to finish the nutes I bought and I realized I only went with these nutes because they were easily available and seemingly inexpensive (root farm by scott’s, 16oz’s, $12.99 each, base and tomatoe/veggie). They’ve lasted me just over a month, which doesn’t seem like a long time to me, but I’m new, so who knows?

I live in Canada and I’m wondering if anyone has a good, cheap, easy, nutrient option they recommend as an alternative?


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Not sure if available but general hydroponics nutes are inexpensive & work well with cannabis. Welcome to forum & Happy Growing!

He is in Canada as well and can steer you in the right direction

I also live in Canada and I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients.
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A&B PH/PPM PERFECT 1L Set

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B PH/PPM PERFECT 1L Set

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym Fertilizer, 1L

I have found them locally as well as online and they seem to work very well.
They have a huge selection of nutrients for different plant needs.

Happy growing.

I don’t tend to by Scott’s which is a Mosanto product myself outdoors I would lean more towards organic myself worm castings Domilite blood meal etc… The thing to remember is flowering plants have different needs than vegging plants and the larger they get the greater the needs will be to get their true potential the amount saved on lighting by growing outdoors is easily redirected to nutrients I have been quite impressed with Remo’s product line way cheaper than either GH or AN less products and almost idiot proof to use. and honestly if I spend 100-150 to get a couple of pounds back more than worth it. You can’t go wrong with products designed for just Cannabis :wink:

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Thanks very much all, I’m going to give general hydroponics a shot :slight_smile: