Nutrient needs at which stage of life cycle

So what I’m trying to ask here is during the life of the plant, what nutrients does it needs first. I know the basic macros, but what micro nutrients are needed at what stage of the plants life?

N nitrogen
P phosphorus
K potassium

Ca calcium
Mn manganese
Mg magnesium
Zn zinc
Cu copper
Fe iron
B boron
S sulfur

What week/etc or your supposed to have all of the above readily available for the plant :thinking::+1::v::smirk:

Edited for clarification…
There’s Macros, Micros, and Trace Elements that plants need all the time, but in different strengths & ratios, based on the size and metabolic rate. Some other micros and trace elements could be Silica (Si) & Cobalt (Co), Molybdenum (Mo) and Chlorine (Cl).

In the Aquaponic world, my target nutrient strengths are:

pH: 6.4-6.8
Ammonia: 0.0ppm
Nitrites: 0.0ppm
Nitrates: 20-50ppm
Phosphate: 15-50ppm
Potassium: 50-200ppm
Calcium: 25-150ppm
Magnesium: 10-50ppm
Sulfur: 15-50ppm
Iron (Fe): 1-3ppm
Boron: 0.1-0.5ppm
Manganese: 0.5-1.0ppms
Zinc: 0.25-0.3ppms
Molybdenum: 0.01-0.02ppms
Copper: 0.025-0.05ppms
Silica: 120-150ppm
Cobalt: 0.2-0.5ppm
Chloride: 50-110ppm
Iodine: 0.3-0.5ppm
Nickel: 0.05-0.1
Sodium: 0.5-1ppm
Vanadium: 0.5-1ppm


man I wish there was a way on here to save a particular post into a folder. this is info I really like to know. Thanks @Aquaponic_Dumme.

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wouldn’t you be able to compare a nutrient brand name feeding schedule, then see what weeks to be adding micro’s?

Thanks for that brother, this clears a lot of numbers in my head haha :slightly_smiling_face:Also potential savings :money_with_wings:

@Aquaponic_Dumme what is a nitrite? It’s one less electron from a nitrate (nitrogen element + ?) lol what’s it found in?

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noun: nitrite; plural noun: nitrites
a salt or ester of nitrous acid, containing the anion NO2− or the group —NO2.

early 19th century: from nitr- (from niter) + -ite1.

Nitrite (NO2) is very important in aquaponics and aquaculture. Being the first step in the nitrification process, changing fish waste, ammonia (NH4), into Nitrate (NO3), or plant food.
Both ammonia and nitrite are very poisonous to fish, and will kill them relativity fast, while nitrate is mildly dangerous to fish.
P.S. I forgot “Chloride (Cl)” above, so I updated the post.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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nitrous oxide…good stuff!!!

I worked in a hospital 40 years ago and had access to stored tanks of it.

Aside from almost blowing my cheeks off my face (lotsa pressure in those tanks!) the first time, I kinda liked the buzz.


Thanks @Aquaponic_Dumme your the best

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Can i use 1-7-8 rather than 0-5-4 for flowering?

I don’t see a problem with that no, but ask @Aquaponic_Dumme first

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@Aquaponic_Dumme can I use 1-7-8 instead of 0-5-4- for flowering

I don’t see a problem with that either.

@Aquaponic_Dumme Can I use jungle juice grow for the entire plant cycle?

Can I use jungle juice grow for the entire plant cycle? Or will I need other nutrients during veg and flowering

Jungle juice is a 3 part line during bloom you need micro and bloom to have a proper balance of nutrients for your lady

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Even if I use ff ocean soil for first3-4 weeks?