Nutrient lockout and flushing in soil

Hi! I’m in the process of doing a flush to eliminate nutrient lock. This is my first grow. My white widow auto is in a 5 gallon fabric pot.
. I have run 7 gallons thus far with the flora kleen general hydroponics product. Ph around 6-6.5. Measured runoff and it was just over 1,100ppm . Isn’t that still way to high? Do I just keep flushing? Am I aiming for around 100ppm? My plant will be so drenched. Am I than meant to make up a very light nutrient solution? Wont that just run through? Note, my plant is in late veg stage. Sage advice welcome


You would only want your ppm’s that low just before harvest.
That final strip of nutes helps make for a much smoother smoke along with proper dry and cure.


Ok the agent should make it easier… but you have quite a bit more to go. I normally want to get ppms down below 500 for a midgrow flush. Keep pushing thru it. She’ll drink it back up.

My thing is… ur flushing to fix lockout. If ur runoff is 6.0-6.5, ur lockout should be fine. Thats still a good bit of ppms left (made of god knows what) but it should be readily available to the plant in that range.

What is ur ppm of ur water before Florakeen. Then ppms of solution with flora keen?

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Oh, I just meant do I want a 100ppm to prove to myself
That my ww is now sufficiently flushed? And from there give a nice lite meal of nutrients?
Cool info you gave…about just before harvest. No, I must be on my last weeks in flower.

Oh wow! I did not understand the correlation between runoff water’s ph and the determining of plants ability to absorb…i did not test ph of runoff. I will continue my flushing tomorrow, and check than. That is okay to do the flush in 2 parts? Don’t want to rot the roots. That wouldn’t be nice. I ran out of reverse osmosis water. Waiting for tank to refill.

It’s not good to totally drench plants multiple times without them drying out first.
But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Back when I used florakleen I found it to work well. Usually a gallon of h2o, then 5-7 more to bring the ppms down.

around 6.5, maybe a touch lower. When solution was added it became acidic, more in the 7 range.

Lockout can not only be caused by improper pH, but also an abundance of one or more nutrients. Too much calcium can lock out other nutes, too much magnesium can lock out other nutes, etc. Flushing brings back the equilibrium and allows the plant to begin eating a balanced diet.


I had some runoff water. It came to 1084ppm and between 6-6.5ph! I guess I’m good to go! How will I determine when I need to add nutrients next? Do I keep checking run off? It should flower by next week, if not I will likely set light on 12-12 to suggest strongly flowering to begin

As stated by @Drinkslinger, overabundance of nutes can lock you out as well.

Your ppms where still over 1000?? Thats not a good enough flush. Give her time to dry, then back at it. I wouldnt flip/force to flower u til you got that soil under control

Are you letting the florakleen sit for a while to do its job? After the first gallon with florakleen, let her sit for an hour. Then follow up with plain water. The floral peen needs time to absorb the salts before they can be flushed out.

Edit: lol not floral peen. I’m just going to leave it because it made me laugh. May have came up with a new word for nanner

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Ahhhh…okay…next week I will proceed with flushing. I will ask than what? Another query is my white widow is meant to be an auto, but is on the 9th week and still no sign of flower stage beginning. That was why I thought to force the flowering. This weed is sure keeping my brain active with wondering! Thanks for passing on your knowledge!

the florakleen came with practically no instructions apart from 1 ml per gallon of h2o in soil. I did not let it sit an hour and in fact used a total of 8ml throughout the 8 gallons i flushed her with.

I haven’t used florakleen but I use sledgehammer which is basically the same product. Let me check out florakleen and I’ll get right back to you

Ok, their amount is similar to sledgehammer. You should be using 1-2tsp (5-10ml) per gallon. They say to water with 1gal of water and 1-2tsp florakleen until runoff. Then leave it be and continue nutrients on your next watering day.

All great advice from solid growers. I would like to see pictures and a Support Ticket. I would also like to know how you are measuring PH.

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Update: 2 days ago I did 8gallon flush. Ppm was than 18000 and ph around 6.5 of runoff. Today I notice the very tips, even of newer growth are slightly yellowed. ! This could be from before, but i think it may be new. My plan is to let it dry out than do another flush to get ppm low and than introduce nutrients. Plant just began week 9 and is an auto, or at least that is what I purchased. 15949158939594113690631673647900|375x500

18000!!! Ok im sooo confused. U where at 1800… flushed to ~500 i thought. Where did 18000 come from?