Nutrient line ups and who uses what

Since being on this forum there has been one lingering topic that a lot of people ask and it seems as if a lot of the times we are left searching for someone using a specific line.

I figured we could create a topic where growers can post what Nutrient line they are using, maybe with some advice along with it.

I always see new people come in stressing about what to pick, what works the best, and/or who uses what to ask questions.
It would help so much to have a topic where someone new or looking to change nutrient lines can come in and reference this post to ask a grower experience with a line they may be new with.

It would also help the guys and gals trying to help people by pointing them to another grower who successfully uses certain nutrient lines. Which would create faster, and more fluid help for some of these growers that join the forum in a panic because their plants are dying.

So please, whatever nutrient line you use, successfully or not, post it here and tell us a quick bit about it. That way we can refer you to a newer grower or someone looking for change.
Happy growing potheads!!!


That is all I use. Works good in pro mix and hydro. The piranha root fungi is something new to me this round and has made a huge difference in root mass.
I try to keep things simple


I use the General Hydroponics Flora series and have used it since I started. I use a modified lucas formula by omitting the Flora gro and instead use a 1:2 ratio of the micro and bloom.
Everything has been great using the line so far and have yet to run into problems.

Pros(my opinions)…
Fairly easy on the wallet if your right budgeted
It’s available at every grow store I’ve ever been to(United States)
Really easy to follow feed schedule
Great results

Cons(again…my opinion)
If ordering online, I have seen people get expired bottles, probably from over stocking. I would suggest ordering directly from GH.

Emerald Harvest here. Recommend from my local shop. Only using the 3 part ATM along with the Cal/Mag. Anyone else using this I would appreciate any feedback or advice.



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I have been exclusively using the GH Flora nute line with the Lucas Formula schedule and associated GH supplements until two weeks ago. I just switched to Jacks 3-2-1 (JR Peters). I’ve been feeding my moms with full strength Jacks 3-2-1 for a couple weeks now, and am using the Jacks clone mix for clones in my cloner at the moment.

I will be using the Jacks 3-2-1 schedule for the clones in flower, and supplementing with a Jacks PK booster. I will continue to use the GH Armor SI for silica for now, until I can research and find a dry silica option (if there is one - silicone dioxide maybe?).

Why did I switch? I decided I didn’t want to pay to have water shipped to my house anymore.


Thank you @Bogleg for taking the time to do this!!


At the moment I use strictly fox form. I use FFOF medium then I use the trio liquid nutrients and during flowering I use their dry nutrients to make bigger better buds :grin::yum:


Thanks for the contribution lady friend!!! :wink:


Lol you are so welcome my mainly friend :laughing::yum:


I am using GH flora grow with cal-mag sup.

For both DWC and dirt

I am growing “soil-less” in Pro-Mix HP without amendments under 3500k LEDs and using RO/DI water.

Like @Bogleg and for the same economic reasons, I am basing my nutrient schedule on Jack’s Nutrients, with some differences:

I am using the 3,2,1 system, but as a ratio, not by weight.

Base Formula:
Jack’s Nutrients 5-12-26 (Part A) - 3.6 g/gal (add first)
Jack’s Nutrients 15-0-0 (Part B) - 2.4 g/gal (add last)
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) - 1.2 g/gal (add second)
Ratio by weight: 3:2:1 NPK ratio: Approx. 3:1:4

Tribus Original: While not “required” and the stuff is expensive, I plan to supplement regularly with Tribus Original. It is a bacterial inoculant with incredibly high numbers of certain targeted bacillus strains that according to my primary source encourages massive and healthy root growth. I want that!

Supplemental “GG “Boost” Formula” (OPTIONAL): During the first two weeks of flowering, I plan to switch to this:
Jack’s Nutrients 5-12-26 (Part A) - 2.0 g/gal
Jack’s Nutrients 15-0-0 (Part B) - 2.7 g/gal (can drop this down to 2 or anywhere in between as required)
Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) - 2.0 g/gal
MKP (Mono Potassium Phosphate) - 1.2 g/gal

Note: There is no clear evidence that this “Lucas”-like “boost” formula provides any significant benefit over the base Jack’s 3/2/1. So this is an optional deal. You can successfully go from seed/clone to harvest with JUST the Jack’s 3/2/1.

NO CALMAG!!! You do not need it. You can control Calcium and Magnesium levels independently and BETTER by varying the basic component ratios.

Note: I will not be using the Jack’s cloning product or any other product for clones, seed starts, seedlings, et al. I will be using Jack’s “3/2/1” from seed drop to harvest. I will simply control the concentration in solution (lowest for pre-soaked starter plugs for seeds, a little higher for starts, little more for seedlings, building to full strength for veg and flower.

FULL STRENGTH on the Jack’s (3.6/2.4/1.2 g/gal) is about 730 ppm (true), but you have to normalize the relative ppm to YOUR meter and meter scaling/conversion. (GG Boost is a little higher at about 755). IF I decide to push the ppm level at any time, I can just up the concentration, BUT MAINTAIN THE SAME RATIOS.

MycoMadness: This is an endo-only myco + bacilli in powder form. I plan to use it dry to dust root balls and line depressions at each transplant to encourage mycorrhizal fuction and favorable bacterial action. Totally optional, and there is no hard evidence that it will work in soil-less, especially at the pH ranges and P concentrations we use. I’m doing it anyway. :slight_smile:

Silica: Like @Bogleg, I plan to add a Silica supplement. SiO2 will not work directly, because it is insoluble in water and thus unavailable to plants. Plants require Silicic Acid in order to take up Silica freely. I am looking at Potassium Silicate, K2SiO3 (dry) as a potential source of making a solution locally to yield silicic acid for plant uptake, but this is, strictly speaking an “optional” step.

I choose to pursue it in hopes of making plants stronger structurally and boosting resistance to various potential disease vectors. NOTE: The solution is quite alkaline, and care must be taken to add in the correct order and manage the pH. I will likely use this as an opportunity supplement when I want to push the pH up toward the higher range to insure higher availability of nutrients that require pH above the “standard” 5.8 that is commonly targeted.

Magnesium, Calcium, LEDs, and pH

I have some thoughts on the whole Calcium and Magnesium deficiency, et al. as they relate to pH and to a lesser extent LED lighting.

In soil-less and hydro, I see LOTS of posts about farmers fighting to get their plants enough magnesium and calcium, especially under LEDs. I also see a significant number of cases of other nutrient deficiencies in the micro list.

Additionally, I see many recommendations about pH ranges that are “optimal” sometimes even targeting a specific number vs. a range. Then, I started looking at various nutrient availability charts vs. pH. As a “newbie” to this sort of intense management and cannabis, it struck me that the pH values that are often recommended are “on the edge” of nutrient cut for some of the nutrients… specifically magnesium and calcium.

I need to do some more research here, because even confining the search to hydro or soil-less nutrient availability charts reveals many inconsistencies in pH levels, taper, and cutoff points, but the trends are consistent.

Bottom Line: I THINK we MAY be OVER-managing pH. That is to say, I think many of our nutrient deficiencies are self-inflicted by maintaining the pH in TOO NARROW of a range ALL the time. It is my hypothesis that for each medium type, there is a pH RANGE that the farmer needs to NOT ONLY stay WITHIN, but it is equally necessary to “survey” that range or purposely PUSH the environment up and down the range in order to make all of the various macro and micro nutrients available to the plant as required.

I do not know yet how to test or prove this. Nor do I yet have a firm handle on a procedure or timing schedule for where the pH needs to be when, for how long, et al. It’s just a theory, but it makes sense to me.

CREDITS: I didn’t come up with ANY of this. I merely read and watched videos. Here is where I got most of my information:
Greengenes Garden (Youtube)

All of his videos are good, but I focused on the ones dealing with Jack’s (as supplemented).

OK… so this got way more involved than I intended… :rofl:


I love it every time you go into overkill!!! Great reply!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this, I’m sure along down the line it will help handfuls of growers. Cheers bud!! :beers:


I’m using the GH flora gro , flora bloom , one part mixes along with the rest of the line up. Kool bloom liquid ,
Diamond nectar and recently flora nectar.
I’ve found that I have to watch the ppm,s when mixing but all in all good products.
I’m using it in pro mix sunshine.


I have also just added the flora and diamond nectar to my line. Just fed with it yesterday. Ppms were 850ish or little more if I remember without looking.
My line up now is:
Armour Si
Micro/Bloom 1:2 ratio
Liquid Koolbloom
Diamond Nectar
Flora Nectar


@Drillbit this thread has alot of good info on nutrients


Thanks @Cyle1!

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I believe you are right. I grow in coco and one watering will be 5.8. The next 6, I bounce around a little bit so my baby gets allllllllll the goodies

@imSICKkid I run gh flora trio, Lucas modified though, I still add some grow every once in a while. Or during flower, add grow instead of micro. Also use Humboldt ginormous and drykoolbloom during flower. I just picked up this sample the other day. Gonna give it a go next round. It’s called Key Grow


Anyone have an opinion on nutrients for autos? Also, what sort of ph range and ppm range should I be at for each stage of growth?