Nutrient issues still happening?

Started them out in SOHO living soil and then noticed deficiencies. Ordered Dr.Earth 444 and Flower girl. I added 10 tbs total per 5 gallon pot. They look like they’re taking a negative effect from the nutrients. The first picture is the day I gave them nutrients and the following pictures are from today. Definitely looking worse. Leave tips are all slightly burnt and more yellowing. Did I provide to much nutrients? Can I flush dry nutrients? Any help is appreciated.

You can flush anything out of the soil. But you’ll want to talk to living soil people. I can’t think of who to tag in… @Covertgrower @dbrn32 either of you gentlemen able to help?


@GreenJewels @zparkie2 @Budbrother (where the heck are u dude lol) @someone else… few living soilpeeps around. Mine is alive but not quite living level.

4-4-4 is the NPK of 444 (shocker right)
3-9-4 is the NPK of Flower Girl

Both of those are more meant for amending into the soil before and allowing to “bake” a bit into the dirt. Thats (Flower Girl, and a few meals) actually where I started with growing. Little did I know i sacked my pH to poop because I knew nothing Jon Snow.

Those can also be added to water, shaken to high heck/bubbled in a bubbler, then poured as a “tea” for your soil.

Which do you mean added? Cuz u can also scratch it into soil and water but that sounds ridiculous to me.

Picture number 2 HATED the 444. Too much N from the combined additives. Dont give her anymore of that. Like ever. She’ll flower fine on the Flower Girl. But you may want to find a more readily available to the plant nutrient. Or help the plant absorb those better by more research n tweaking.

Pic 3 looks like the lowers of pic 2? She might be locked out of other nutes from too much N? Not sure.

Which pic is which plant from the top? Pic 2 is top left? Now im lost lol. Someone help me here.

Pic 4 just reinforces the other pics. Toss the 444 til next go round. Vegging plants might enjoy that… or roses?


I’m not really familiar with any of those products, but 10 tablespoons seems like a lot in that application.


Thanks! I’m trying to keep everyone organized… not so easy. Catching up on your perpetual journal now. 2k plus might take a while :rofl:


All three pictures are of different plants. I added 4 tbsp of 444 ans 6 tbsp of flower girl into a container with about a cup of worm casting and a cup of chicken manure. Mixed it all and poured it on the top layer of each 5 gallon pot. Then I mixed it into the top layer of the existing soil about an inch deep and watered. I did this for all of my 5 gallon pots. Should I do anything about the N toxicity? The living soil was definitely showing nutrient deficiencies that’s why I did this.

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You POOR POOR SOUL… Have fun lmao.

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Outside of being too high and reading the same thing a time or two… I’m laughing. This should be a fun one haha

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Yup… thats alot going on. And inside? I bet you tent smells… different.

Flushes for all that show they hated it? Or maybe try to remove what you can? Really im kind of shot here. Sounds like you took an outside in the ground idea and put it in the tent. Admirable intentions but bad implementation.

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Yeah it definitely smelt for a few days. I’m lost thought isn’t this what top dressing is? Besides the chicken manure.

Its the amount of nitrogen. Flush her and start over is the easiest but it is a reset button.

Think of it this way… can you pick the nitrogen out of it? At this stage your plants dont want that much. Usually people taper it down in early/mid flower but not OFF. Then off around 5-6? Or later… but not in PK ratio amounts. This was the kicker IMO

You can:

Water only til they get over it. (Bad idea at this point but hey we are where we are)

Flush and re add more flowering stage friendly nutrients. (Probably another bad idea but better then option 1 cuz then you know what they have) i like this option because you believe the SoHo was inert anyway.

Or you can wait for hopefully better answers. Lol.

O yea. Chicken manure… that also should be LOADED n Nitrogen. Back to the top of the post for that point again.


Thanks for the advice. So my best option would be to flush, and then just add the flower girl? No 444 at all? Or the top dressing is just a bad idea and I should just flush and let them do there thing?

They are going to need nutrients. Big bottles (liquids) suck. But boxes (dry) are hard when you start out.

I went to fish emulsion after that experience failed me. Finding something more readily available , testable (meters), and adjustable nutrient wise would be my first step.

But the flower gal maybe able to get it down. The only one almost demanding a flush is Mrs Claw imo. Water only may fix ur issue.


Yeah she is bothering me big time I’m going to flush them now and probably just try flower girl and water. Unless you have something else you would recommend? How much dry nutrients do you usually use? Any worm castings?


Crap. Whole reply just zoinked.

I baked my soil remember? Added amendments and water in a tarp and let it sit for a bit. After everything went to poop i adjustd and added and all kinda crap. Didnt work. Ur alot better off then I was tho. No worries there.

Used EWC as well. I think those are so good everyone should use it. As often as possible


Second grow so it’s hard to follow everything you say since I’m still learning it all. I am flusing one of them now the ppm was at 2000. Now it’s around 850. I’ll probably bring it down more and then just add a little worm castings and probably only 4 tbsp of flower girl and see what happens. Hopefully after this grow I can find a solid guide on dry ammendments. I don’t really want to use liquid ones. Still learning I’ll get there. I’ll look into baking my soil next grow too.


Re-read @PurpNGold74 's last post he said it didn’t work, so ya might not wanna do that.


If your wanting to go the organic living soil route, I recommend getting on the build a soil website. They have a lot of educational reading and videos.
Wow, the chicken poop was way too hot. Plus that was a lot of 4-4-4 for flowers.
Throw some microbes back in there when you done flushing. Does your soil have worms? They will probably vacate after the flood flush.
I’m not much help, I’d just dial up BB @PurpNGold74
but @Big123 @Mrcrabs
@Hoppiefrog @hoppiebunny @RAP @AAA @Skydiver @shindig153 may have some suggestions



Awesome tag list!

Also @pillsbury i found my issue, i amenddd soil without tweaking pH while it baked. Something as simple as dolomite lime added would have made me thrice as successful. Its just something u want to research heavily before doing.


One thing I noticed when I flushed was that the runoff had a PH of about 5.3. Should I do a slurr test and if it really is that low try to bring it up to 6.5ish? Can I bring it up that high with just dolomite?