Nutrient Issues, Please Help!

I’m a first time grower with 4 white widow autos from ILGM that are 44 days old from sprouting. Up until a week ago they were looking super healthy and growing vigorously! All the sudden I ran into problems, and I haven’t been able to get things under control yet. I’m hoping to get some assistance from y’all, any advice will be greatly appreciated!

So, rewinding to a week ago, I started to see some brown tips on the edges of my fan leaves, and since they were on bottom and top layers, I thought that I might be giving them too much nutes (runoff ppm ranged from 800-1200), so I gave a mini flush with ph water for the next couple waters, but I started to notice other symptoms instead of things getting better. Leaves started to develop spots, on the bottom leaves were yellowing, and there was some yellow/white starting to show itself in between the veins. I also noticed that there were several red stems. All this led me to believe I had a Mg deficiency, so last night I watered with Epsom salt. Today they look even worse and I’m lost about what to do I’m worried about doing anything else until I identify what exactly is going wrong because I don’t want to worsen the issue at hand. The babies had been doing so well, especially for a first time grower, and I just want them to get happily back on track and continue to thrive in the way that they were.

Grow room info:
2 king led 2000w (~380 draw each) raised about 18in above the canopy.
Happy frog soil with 30% perlite in 3 gallon fabric pots
Temps 65-85, RH 30-50
pH of water going in: 6.4-6.8, pH of runoff: 5.8-6.2
3 fans-2 small plus one tower, in addition to a 6inch in-line fan attached to a carbon filter.
Used lost coast plant therapy throughout veg, haven’t used any insecticides during flower.
Prior to last week, I had been feeding quarter strength doses of the FF lineup (including bestie Bloomz, plus terpinator, CalMag, and Carboload). I tried to keep ppm around 500 when feeding. There were times when I fed twice in a row because they were growing so much, perhaps that contributed to some of my problems.

If I’m missing any details just let me know… thanks in advance for the help!!

![151941728_1399543103723367_762550781921663351_n|375x500](upload://9d![151915665_1399543257056685_5171063735556911265_n-2|375x500](upload://6o omYV10ABuEiDkp16oPPsS0XBz.jpeg) UmIU5R533T8w1MSj3DiEQAfuc.jpeg)


Looks like calcium deficiency to me, you have any calmag?


Yep ! if not already I would follow up with full strength calmag on water day only. My experience with autos I like to keep the PPM 900 an below to finish up healthy and not burn up. Also follow up checking run off pH and PPM Just my thoughts good luck.