Nutrient for my plants

Here are my plate after 2 in a half months of just waterin. I want to know does it look like the process is going well? I haven’t gave the plant any food or nutrients, only water. I’m a beginner, and I want to know; do I need to start inputting the nutrient now? If so, what would be the best food for the plant? I’m growing outdoors with a lot of sunlight.

Your plants look good IMHO… Healthy. A little nutrient starved (calmag perhaps).

Have you tested your soil for total dissolved solids and PH yet? Do you have the capability of doing so?

Ok I will get that today (Calmag). I have not tested my solid as of yet. What do I need in order to check ph and for total dissolved solids ? Yes I have the capability.

Maybe time to repot with more soil


Ok so how would I go about doing that? And after I do so, how would I be able to check my ph and dissolved solids?

Sorry for all the questions lol just trying to get this thing right .

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@Pride23 How many plants are in each bucket? Looks like you need to separate those plants before you have a tangled root mess.

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1 bucket has 5 plants

1 bucket has 6 plants

1 bucket has 10 plants

@Pride23 I think you need about 18 more cloth pots or buckets.


@Pride23 Take a deep breath then go to the stores for your soil mixes and perlite and start mixing and decide which plants are the strongest for transplant. Unless you want all 21 plants. Also lets call in some other people for help. @highcountrygal @FloridaSon @Sasquatch


This is one autoflower in a 5 gal bucket with 3 more weeks of flowering :heart_eyes:

Less is more with plant count

Ok so I simply get the 18 more pots… mix them with soil and perlite, then place each plant in 1 by 1?

Try not to plant any males

@Pride23 That’s a good start. Don’t be afraid to use the perlite. My guess maybe 25-30% pelite. I use hydroponic soil mix with very good results. Others will follow you and your grow for help. Some of the best people you’ll need are here to help.

7 weeks old.

Also fill your pots with soil to the top. No point putting a plant in a 5 gal pot that only has 3 gal of soil in it.

You’re going to play hell getting those plants separated without causing root damage. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but expect some transplant shock when you do.

The pots that have 5 and 6. You could, to help reduce shock, plant them intact into a large tote with plenty of 1/2" holes drilled all over it.

Divide the one with 10 down through that separation I see in the groups of stalks. Make two totes out of that division. Those ones that are all on top of each other will take the most stress if you try to get them to individuals.

Ideally you have 1 plant per container. If you are confident you can separate them, it’s a long tedious process, that is better for the plants and you.

Being this late in the season, I would go with the large tote option. Some studies show that plants can interact with each other through microbes at the root system. This is part of companion planting studies.

Just remember next grow, 1 seed 1 pot…


1—NO DRAIN HOLES…5…1.5 " holes at bottom. Multiple holes in sides would arate soil.
2—TOO many plants in one bucket. should be sex declared by now…cull males.
3—get PH and PPM meter set…$20 on amazon or ebay
4—use tomato stakes and pipe cleaners loosely around stalks.
5—roots will sprout on bare stalk…if covered by new media
6—go very low on nutes

What a dilemma to have @Pride23 . They will choke each other off if left where they are… unless …. You have a really big pot ( 30 gal ? 40 gal? 50 gal?) to transplant the whole thing in to!