Nutrient feeding question

i have a basic but important 2 part question. im using general hydro nutes right now and cant get a straight answer on feeding. after i mix my batch of water with nutes do i feed them it every time i water or do i use it lets say once a week and straight water the rest of the time … i also bought some marine phytoplanktin by accident meant to get liquid seaweed. im just curious if there is any point in using this. i know with organic grows its a huge help but if im using bottled nutes will it actually benefit me any.

Your probably finding a hard time getting a straight answer cause everyone’s environment, Media, lights are different. You kinda have to go with what the plants tell you. If in coco you can judge that better by checking your PH/PPM run off. If in soil it depends what kind and how hot. I feed mine every other watering but I’m in coco so I add cal/mag as needed as well. Perhaps fill out a support ticket with as much info as possible and that will allow for better advice this will definitely help on your second question. I will post a link below. Also provide as many pics as possible this will help people as well.

Hope this helps and the more ya know the better ya grow!

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Awsome thanks for the advice . So it almost seems like depending on your own situation you may actually feed everyday . As of now I’m using a soil mix that has no fertilizer in it other then some worm castings. I was afraid to add any kind of compost incase I burnt the plants . I figured if I started width a blank slate I could add or not add anything I wanted for liquid nutrients . My room temp is around 72_76 daily and humidity is always around 52 . I’m using 2 double t8s right in this early stage and have a 600 watt full spectrum led for later but just found out it’s only 130 true watts . Was thinking of putting some 2500k bulbs in the t8s and add that somehow with the 600watt led to give me extra power. Maybe even get some led bulbs in sockets . It’s only a 2 X5 area in a closet but I want maximum yeilds of course ( no popcorn buds lol) I’m using general hydroponics flora grow and flora bloom right now didn’t know I needed the micro so just ordered it for the mix. I also got a bottle of phytoplankton . Grabbed it instead of liquid seaweed by accident. Just following the bottle instructions on the g.h products right now but doesn’t tell how often so I use it everyday since my little pots dry daily. Seems ok but it could turn fast so keeping an eye out for lower leaf damage. It’s my first grow so I study ,study, study.