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Hey all,

Just entering budding in my first grow. Currently using Advanced Nutrients and noticed they have a lot of additional supplements to add to the base.

I’m doing my grow in Promix HP and wanna learn more about the additional supplements outside NPK and how effective they are.

I’ve seen the use of compost teas that contain humic acid.
Things like “Bud Candy” which add additional carbs.
Finally things like fulvic acid.

Ideally I want to be able to create my own mixes so wanted to feedback on what’s effective from the above listed, if they are safe to mix and match with different brands. My instinct tells me with things like that it’s ok but not to mix the brands of base nutrients.

Finally, what brands do you guys prefer using? Both organic and chemical.

You’ll find that 60% or more members switched to Jacks Nutrients.
It’s easy to use, and follows the same recipe from seed to harvest. Before you judge, I assure you it works well.


Haha I have no reason to doubt that, especially if so many use that now.

So, let’s say I switch to Jack’s, what about the use of those additives I mentioned above? Carbs like in bud candy, organic teas with humic acid and a source of fulvic acid. Can you safely mix those in with any nutrients and are they worth it?

I switched to Advanced Nutrients Organics this grow.

I was using Root hume for fulvic / humic acid and Silica Boost and GH ph up
Changed over to AN Ancient Earth and Rhino Skin
With the other two my soil ph was rising. After the switch it has stabalized

Once you get used to so many adds it becomes straight forward. They have a set ratio between the primaries and the supplements so it becomes fairly easy.
I have one auto and four photos using them and quite frankly, they love the stuff. It is expensive but they seem to be working. Couple weeks away on the auto and 6+ on the photos. You can see what the plants look like at An auto, three photos and a clone

Get mr fulvic its like 4.6% fulvic and 1.5% humic and 1 40$ bottle makes like 1000 gallons of fulvic infused water but you will probably have to feed it slightly more often because it increases root efficiency. As far as carbs like molasses or sugar I wouldn’t do it unless you know your medium has the microbes to benefit from it (especially good for organic grows) otherwise nothing breaks down the sugars and you start attracting pests. What you really want is mykos right plant was zkittle no mykos and left is a Jack herer with mykos it makes a huge difference in flower imo(they’re autos). My nutes are down to earth 444 484 and bloodmeal with molasses and Epsom salts in my water

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Ah that’s actually good to know because I was considering this set for the next grow.

I don’t see Rhino Skin in any of their grow charts. Do you use it full cycle or just in budding? and how much of it do you add?

Thanks man, that’s also good infos. Is it ok to mix with other brands of nutrients? Do you notice the difference in results?

When you say mykos you mean the fungus Mycorrhizae? if so I believe my growing medium already has some in it. My plants are actually quite large.

Thanks for the advise on the carbs, I’ll dig deeper into that.

I don’t see why you couldn’t mix and matchas long as you consider what macros your plant needs for that phase of life. Generally you need a ratio of roughly 2/1/1 for veg and 2/4/3 at the ppm your plant absorbs. Yes mykos is that .

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This is the veg and flower feed schedule I am using. You can see Iguana Juice is 4ml while all others are 2ml

Rhino’s instruction on the container says to feed 2ml / liter all weeks during bloom.

This is what I use to calculate the amount of each to use based on liters mixed.

I feed every time I water. The ppm is way to high so the mix is diluted to get the ppm I want.
This is the record of ppm and ph adjustments for the above feedings. There is a little variation depending on how accurately I measure.
AN ph up is powerful stuff compared to GH

Thanks for sharing. So Rhino Skin is used in veg. Sounds good.

I’m assuming you’re trying to hit a target ppm for each stage? Where I can I find the ideal ppm for each stage of the plants life? is it a universally agreed upon range or is it something that depends on various factors?

Actually during flower. I used the term bloom. I will start using it at first sign of early flower with autos. But photos a little later so the stems don’t stiffen up too much to be able do any last bit of LST.

I didn’t look closely enough haha, I assumed it was Veg on top. That makes sense for the LST.

Right now I’m using the AN PH Perfect trio (grow, bloom, micro) with Bud Candy and Sensi CalMag Xtra, Big Bud and eventually Overdrive.

Do you recommend anywhere I can do some detailed readings on what the plant needs in various phases of it’s life?

ILGM’s grow guides are a good start. Advanced nutrients has a lot of articles geared toward their products. I found this summary of the AN line I use to be useful.
I also seem to find something from
I like grow weed easy articles and information. Royal queen seeds also does a good job. Maybe not as detailed as weed easy.
Anything put out by Dr. Bruce Bugbee is worth watching. This is one of his seminal youtubes
Otherwise I pretty much fire up the google machine and search for it.

Ah this is great, thanks man!

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Stir or shake when making feeding solution ? Just made my first ever batch in a gallon jug, and shook each time i added each nute. Have seperate, labeled, syringes for each nute. Let sit a while, checked ph, rite at 6. Seems like a good start.

@pr @GreenSnek @Covertgrower @beardless (I believe we’ve met on another posting of mine) @Darth_Zaider ; please direct me as such.
First grow and I don’t have a clue about, uh…much of anything, but I’m learning.
I have the Fox Farms Trio and pH-Up/Down, seen above, but I don’t know Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot about how to do a “Run-off” test or a damn thing about fertilizing.
I’ve done just about everything wrong, which is okay because I have to learn somehow, with this 1st grow.
See posts…for a good laugh…: Too much light I'm sure.How to handle?
When to Top/Prune gals
and a few others. Thanks to many keeping me on track, as best they can.
In any case the 1st link is the most descriptive to explain where I am. I need help, URL/Links please, understanding how to measure Soil pH (runoff?) and simply how to determine a feeding schedule. I’m a technical guy, so step by step and calculations matter - rather, they’re better understood by me.
History: the three White Widow Autos, and one Northern Lights Auto, have been above soil since early April. Those in Red cups (Xplanted from Jiffy’s) are Blueberry-Photo, which I’m suppose I’ll keep in tent until temp’s in Zone 6.5 come up a bit - then onto the deck. I screwed-up with lighting and then watering so I don’t want to do the same henceforth. They’re all in 60%/40% Happy Frog & Cultivation Nation since 4/29PM. Had to remove a leaf, or three, due to nutrient insufficiency when transplanting.
Many thanks to those Auto growers who have already helped: @Mark0427 @Not2SureYet @Nicky @Randy_Marsh @AxemanJake23 and others.
The simple question; where can I find information about how to calculate and feed?
Best regards


Basically for a run off test you just measure the going in to the pooling waters ppm to see how much your girls are absorbing and heres a fox farm schedule but with autos you may want to start with 1/2 doses then if they look hungry for more 3/4 doses p.s. look into mr fulvic I give my autos 1 ml every week and they re monsters you can see them over here Here


Here is the address of all of FF feeding schedules. Direct links would be bounced so ^ have been added.
Foxfarm ^.^ com/feeding-schedules
You will have to scroll down until you reach the soil feeding schedule. This is part of the schedule you are looking for

When I used the trio I made this schedule. Note PPM has been changed from 700 to 500 which is the most common in US.

Checking runoff ph is straight forward. Water / feed the plant enough to consistently have 10 - 15% runoff. Eg. water 1000ml desired runoff is 100 - 150ml. If runoff is less than this - water more. I found this article useful.
^https://curiouscultivations ^. ^ com/2019/01/11/runoff-ph-explaining-the-bro-science/