Nutrient Deficiency

  • Gorilla Glue by ILGM from ILGM
  • Method: Organic soil/Miracle Grow Mix
  • Vessels: 5 gallon buckets
  • Ph of water is unknown, but is well water treated with a regular water softener.
  • Indoor
  • Shop Led, unknown watts/lumens
  • Temps: Mid 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Humidity: 80% day and night
  • Ventilation system N/A
  • Co2 No

-Just started out, and had great success in the early stages. When they out grew their last pot (around 8inchs tall) I transplanted into 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled underneath the let the water deep out of over watered. After 2 weeks in the 5 gallon buckets, the tips started to turn a slight green, which developed into a yellow, and now they are starting to slightly curl. The plants started about the same time, and have the same soil (~2 feet of each dig). They are mixed with a slight bit of miracle grow, and are occasionally dosed with a small amount of 5-1-1. I’m thinking potassium deficiency, but I am not exactly convinced. Looking for some diagnosis and remedies. Thanks for any help!

If your pH is ~5.5 as your meter indicates then you need to fix that problem first. Many nutrients will be locked out with a pH that low. Here’s a helpful diagnostic chart too.

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Yes I would agree you potentially have nutes lockout. Correct your pH and give it a few days and see how they are doing. If that dont work I would flush them and restart feeding regiment. If it happens again you will know that its nutes burnout

I have read and heard of people using miracle gro and it seems to be a 50/50 outcome whether they get it to work for them or not. Just my opinion and input based of research and conversations

First: that 3 in 1 meter is worthless. You need to be using a decent PH and TDS meter. Amazon sells all kinds of both. PH is your number 1 priority. Be sure to get one that you can calibrate.

MG and organic soil. This is your problem and no way around it you are going to have trouble. The problems with MG soil are almost too numerous to list. An experienced grower can work with it but just starting out it would be really smart to do everything as the Grow Bible recommends; starting with soil buffered for cannabis and not tomatoes.

You are going to run into other issues as well due to inadequate light. This will result in a plant easy to develop nute burn, root rot and other issues simply because it’s ‘engine’ isn’t running well. You HAVE TO HAVE adequate light to utilize the nutrients present in soil.


Apera 60 is a highly recommended pH meter for under $100

I think softened water could potentially be an issue too

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