Nutrient deficiency or toxicity?

Not sure what kind of problem this is. I looked at the chart and it looks like it could be a couple things. I’m using FFOFsoil checked ph going in and out both are good. Using Gen. Hydro flora series. Any help appreciated.

Can you post a pic of the whole plant, please, and what exactly is your Ph?

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Looks just like a sugar leaf in thT pic

Ya. All my LEDS are on so I will do it when they turn off. The ph is running around 6.5- 6.7 going in. Coming out 6.4

@JDSMOKE raise ph in a few points that should correct the ph soil levels
I try to be consistent with my ph in and ph nutrients and water to 6.5
In your case next watering ph water to 6.8 and take another reading of the run off

Ok. I will give it a go. Thanks. My lights are still on so pictures will be in a little bit.

Looks like a major bug problem… :wink:
Go and investigate your plants real good with a microscope… :wink:

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I just did. Man I got Thrips. What can I use 4 weeks into following?

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You can use a product called (green cleaner) all the way to harvest with no damage to your plants … :wink:
It’s a lil pricey but it’s worth it… :wink:


Thanks. I will look into.

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