Nutrient deficiency diagnosis Uncertain - help!

I am about 3 weeks into flower & I am starting to see some signs off nutrient deficiency. I’m having a hard time diagnosing which deficiency(ies) I am dealing with since they all look so similar. I am also seeing different kinds of discoloring in the plant. Some starting at top, other at bottom? Do I have multiple deficiencies? This seem to have started right after I fed it 1/4 strength fox farm bloom. Anyway, I’m at a loss here. Suggestions appreciated!

Need pictures in white light. Can’t see anything with the blurple.


How big of pot are you using? If you aren’t in a 5 gallon minimum, you need to be a lot more aggressive feeding them. Big bloom isn’t enough, if sticking with fox farms get grow big, tiger bloom, and if you can swing it, the powders, which have higher concentrations of essential nutrients. At this point you need to feed full strength.

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Echoing what others said. Hard to say for sure in that lighting, but I’d venture to say your plant is probably underfed in general or you have a stout ph issue. Maybe both?

Cannabis has a long list of micro and macronutrients it needs, and the root zone needs to be at proper ph for nutrient availability. If you don’t have, you need to get a complete base nutrient program. This is usually 3 part and just about everyone makes one. Don’t get too hung up on additives, other than maybe some calmag is great to have around too.

I would also grab a cheap tds tester and a decent digital ph tester. If you already have them, would make sure they are calibrated and you are setting properly for the media you are growing in.