Nutrient deficiency diagnosis Uncertain - help!

I am about 3 weeks into flower & I am starting to see some signs off nutrient deficiency. I’m having a hard time diagnosing which deficiency(ies) I am dealing with since they all look so similar. I am also seeing different kinds of discoloring in the plant. Some starting at top, other at bottom? Do I have multiple deficiencies? This seem to have started right after I fed it 1/4 strength fox farm bloom. Anyway, I’m at a loss here. Suggestions appreciated!

Need pictures in white light. Can’t see anything with the blurple.


How big of pot are you using? If you aren’t in a 5 gallon minimum, you need to be a lot more aggressive feeding them. Big bloom isn’t enough, if sticking with fox farms get grow big, tiger bloom, and if you can swing it, the powders, which have higher concentrations of essential nutrients. At this point you need to feed full strength.


Echoing what others said. Hard to say for sure in that lighting, but I’d venture to say your plant is probably underfed in general or you have a stout ph issue. Maybe both?

Cannabis has a long list of micro and macronutrients it needs, and the root zone needs to be at proper ph for nutrient availability. If you don’t have, you need to get a complete base nutrient program. This is usually 3 part and just about everyone makes one. Don’t get too hung up on additives, other than maybe some calmag is great to have around too.

I would also grab a cheap tds tester and a decent digital ph tester. If you already have them, would make sure they are calibrated and you are setting properly for the media you are growing in.

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Here are better pics, now I’m ready to go dark & harvest so it’s prob too late .So I first was thinking had my plants too close to the lights. Top ones were turning purple & Had em Under 12” For a week because I didn’t check on how fast they grew…So i backed them off…saw some improvements but then saw other leafs doing same and turning purple. I don’t know why but I guess it’s nutrients. Also thought it could be because it’s close to flower. I dunno I’ve never seen this much purple leaves other than in a cold flower.I forget what strain this is but I’m going off seeds from a fem hermy plant that was originally from a reputable bank. My plants never responded well to nutrition even at small levels so I was weary to feed much with this strain. I’m ready to harvest now with only 1 total feed at 1/4 strength and they turned out ok…I think…I’m using a’4-5 gallon pot. I’m putting in dark today even tho i see a lot of new pistils. Which could explain heat stress as a problem overall? I’m using a closet grow with a cracked door and keeping my room cold. Also gonna harvest all at once since trichomes look milky w/ some amber all over. This is my first grow using only organic soil and basically NO nutrition. just a couple tables spoons of Fox big bloom once. I always ph’d My water but never checked soil or run off. It’s like I get so busy with other shit I’m not always sure how best to use my time with the grows. Def need to invest in a nute program tho as I assumed I only needed to feed in flower since I have a big pot (or at least I thought) and good organic soil. Anywhere here are some pics of my 1st no nute grow. Choppin down after 48hr dark starting now. The leaves look dead as hell but pistils are whiter than I’d like.What do U think.

It’s definitely one of my smaller yields…but hoping buds will turn out

I got better pics now but it’s practically harvest time so it’s probably too late. Don’t know if my most recent post with the pics helps at all but I obviously do need to invest in better nutes as this is my 1st grow without using nutes at all except for that one time, in this is by far going to b my smallest yield I’ve ever had. That being said why did my dad plants react badly right after I fed them even when I used half strength?

It sounds like it’s too late now, but based on above photos I would think you could stand to flower longer, the last few weeks is where they fatten up.

Those purple leaves, those look great to me, probably related to strain of plant, not feeding. When you get the leaves to turn purple, or blue, or red, or gold then I think you are doing something right.

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I think the strain is possibly Columbian sweet which would make sense. You still think I should stay on 10hrs dark for a few more days or so? I’ll tag u on some more pics with my trichome mag

I’d let it go longer, still have a lot of white pistils.

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@Hellraiser @CMichGrower

Thanks, I’m glad I’m waiting longer, need all I can get out of this grow…it’s like grow #20 for me and it might b the smallest yield I’ve had off a single plant. No complaint here tho, coming from a guy who thought in HS/College you were supposed to always smoke 2 fat blunts at a time followed by gravity bong rips all night, and walking around the kitchen forgetting why you went to the kitchen…now to a guy who smokes a few good hits a night lol I know I’ll b good for a while…here are some pics with trichomes included…many buds are all milky w/sum clear, and other parts show a lot of Amber…

@CMichGrower @Hellraiser …is it typical to see more amber trichs on the tiny sugar leaves before seeing them on tnx actual buds? Seems to be the case here…Of course I’m referring to the small green leafage you smoke & don’t trim off…

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Sorry I kind of hid the question in my last post
@Iva @Cannabian
@CMichGrower @Hellraiser
2 questions
is it typical to see more amber trichs on the tiny sugar leaves before seeing them on the actual buds? Seems to be the case here…Of course I’m referring to the very small green leafage you smoke & don’t trim off…

Second, I know phone mags sometimes distort trichomes making them look clearer than they actually are but would you consider these to be mostly milky? The pics above are almost 48 hours old so I’m guessing I should go all dark now or should i wait?

It is normal that the sugar leaves turn before the buds, that’s why you should base your decision on the buds itself.

From what I can tell looking at your photos it appears that there are few clear trichomes.

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Thanks…one last question
@CMichGrower @Hellraiser @Cannabian

I heard that with some strains, the lower branches will be ready before the higher ones/or in this case the main cola. Tonight is the first night I’m no longer seeing new pistils on any of my buds except for the top cola, which still looks like it could go for another day or 2. Would I be okay to harvest lower branches first? Could I do 24-48hrs of dark, harvest lower branches, then turn lights back on like 8/16 for another day or 2, then go back to dark again to finally finish the top? Sounds like a lot lol I know but being a smaller yield than I’m used too I wanna get em as dense as I can! Thanks for the help!

I’m not sure why you are in a hurry to harvest the bottom, maybe you’ve been without for a while and are anxious, but there is a several week window for harvesting. Going through all the light flipping seems overly complicated, the buds on the bottom won’t go bad waiting for the top to finish.

I don’t know enough about strains to comment on some finishing from the bottom up, but grown indoors under lights I would consider this unusual because the bottom doesn’t get nearly as much light.

If you need to harvest something to smoke just cut off enough to get you by, I don’t think you should mess with the lights this far in.


Just because I’ve never seen a case where my lower buds look more done than my top cola. Prob gonna go ahead and start the harvest process now after doing one last trichome check. I don’t see any new pistils on any buds except for my top, everything else is all orange pistils now. Tnx for ur help @CMichGrower

@CMichGrower @Hellraiser

Last quick question… once I put my plant into the final 36-48hr dark period, do I have to commit to harvesting afterwards, or could I turn my lights back on for 8-10hrs a day for a couple more days?

No clue

Not a problem, they just take it as one long night.

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