Nutrient deficiency/burn? And lighting/humidity

I’m growing ak-47 and bubblegum in the 4x4x80 tent they’re a month old from germination(smaller 3x3x72 tent is all gorilla glue, 3 seed sprouted yesterday and the other one hasn’t broke the surface). Both tents have an intake and exhaust using 4 inch 190cfm fans with carbon filters. 2 of the girls in the 4x4 are healthy and growing normally while the other 2 seem to be slacking (the smallest I haven’t noticed much growth if any) and the other one I believe has nutrient burn from sprouting in fox farm ocean forest or a deficiency. The PH I feed them with varies from 6.0 to 6.5 and I’ve added nutrients as well with the ppm averaging 140, haven’t measured the ppm of their runoff as I’m creating a wooden base with chicken wire over the top for them to sit on so the runoff can drip down into a saucer. I’m using a optic 4xl for lighting and was wondering if anyone else has or is still using optic LEDs for their grow. Will these lights produce quality buds/yields? Also I’m having trouble keeping the humidity high even though I have humidifiers in both tents misting full force. Is there a better spot to place them that would make them more efficient? All and any advice is welcome as I’m a newb to all of this

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without looking at any of your vitals, I would say your plants look perfectly healthy.

Some slacking over others is probably just genetics, each seed is an individual.

@MattyBear can give some insight.


They look ok.
Genetics play a role in growth rates. Don’t expect them all to grow the same.

There’s no need for nutrients with ocean forest for at least the first month, sometimes even 2 months.

Leaves in contact with the soil, or getting water/nutes splashed on them, will discolor.

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They’re 460w. Plenty of light for a 3’x3, the 4’x4’ might be a little shy of necessary light for good flowering.

I’m gonna have another light coming in next week so when it’s time for flower I can just throw that in with the 4xl. For nutrients I’ll keep the ppm low for now. I’ve fed them nutrients and kept it on the low side and they seem fine. I’ve been using RO water up until the 2 last waters where I’ve added low amounts of calmag

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I wouldn’t bother feeding until they show signs of needing it, or the ppms start dropping below 1200. It should be a few weeks of water only at least (plus the cal mag, good call for RO water). New ocean forest will usually give high ppms (over 2000) for a while.

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