Nutrient deficiency and possible watering issue

Hey Growmies,

Thank you for taking a look at my current issue.

I have 6 plants that are all ILGM Zkittles autos.

They are in the same tent sharing the same environment, but 1 plant is light green and seems to be extra thirsty. The larger plants are on day 12 of flower. This plant in question is 12 days into flower.

Here are the details of my environment. I suspect this is a Nutrient deficiency. I have just increased jacks part A from 3.6gm/g to 3.8gm/g. I have been manually feeding the plant in question an extra 20-40 Oz of feed a day. I am using an auto watering system and have just added an additional feeding tube to this plant.

  • What strain: ILGM Zkittlez Auto flower
  • Method: Coco
  • Vessels: 5g fabric pots
  • Nutrient: Jacks 321
  • Was 3.6gm/g part a
  • Just increased 3.8gm/g
  • 1.2gm/g epson
  • 2.4g gr/g part b
  • Silica and fish sh!t 2.5ml/g
  • PH of Water: 5.8-6.2
  • PPM/TDS: I have not measured
  • Indoor: 4x4 tent
  • Light system: Diablo scorpion
  • Light schedule 18/6
  • DLI 50
  • Temps; Day, Night: 59-69 65 avg
  • Humidity; Day, Night 57%-74%
  • Ventilation system; 6” exhaust with carbon filter. 6 fresh air in take
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no A/c at the moment, Humidifier, and small de-humidifier
  • Co2; No

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Some plants can be more hungry/thirsty than others. Suggest tracking runoff PPM and increasing feed for the one. It can take a couple of days for the color to darken a bit. I would push her with heavier feeding then back off when you get a sense that her needs are being met. You might even want to see her tips burn a bit (painted nails,) then back off.

I just flowered an ILGM Gorilla Glue. She was a very hungry plant and I had to feed her 50% more than usual to keep her happy. I tracked her feeding in her journal.


Thank you @MidwestGuy i have added a second feed line and will attempt to water to run off and measure PPMs.

I’ll drop this off - you’re on the right track.

Jack’s 321 standard mix aka recommended rate = 3.79 A/ 2.5 B/ 1 Epsom

I suggest cutting the Epsom down to 1 gram, because the increased A also comes with increased magnesium. What you may be seeing is an oversupply of magnesium, consequently creating a “bad” ratio of calcium to magnesium. Scooting up the B a touch and cutting back the Epsom should help reestablish the ratio of 2 calcium to 1 magnesium.


@Graysin thank you for this.

Silly question time. I have not finished my coffee yet…

So I spent 7-8 hours creating 12 gallons of feed at the ratios listed.
Can I add a little more nutrients to help offset the extra epson?

I would like a quick fix, but if I risk causing further damage I can redo my feed.

You can add more nutrients but add more water too, in order to bring the PPMs back within target.

In fact now that I’ve said it, measure out the Part A you need to add and dissolve fully in a gallon or so of water, and add that to the reservoir, then rinse and repeat with the Part B. You don’t want to add either of those in isolation to premixed nutrients without dissolving them first. It causes chemicals to bind wrong and you get settling and a weird color sometimes.

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@Graysin thank you that makes sense.

I will do the math and make the corrections.
Then I plan to water to run off to test the PPM’s.


Still convinced they got light stressed considering the dli you had on your last topic. Keeping the nutes balanced is important as stated above. Some plants are just more sensitive. The color in my opinion will not recover if im correct. Ive ran 4 2 1 and been just fine. But in flower i would atleast be 3.8/2.3/1. Green gene does not even use magnesium at all bc there is still some in part a, believe he does just 4/2 no epsom. But too much calcium or magnesium will block pk. Runoff numbers would help u know alot more…


@Graysin i have added parts A and B to make up the appropriate ratio of 3.8,1, 2.4. I finally used my TDS meter and measured 1133 on avg. @Poseidon1 i agree with you that the existing growth on the plant in question will not change color to darker green. I would expect that new growth would be dark green though. Thank you all fellow growmies I’m feeling like things are getting dialed in.


The only fix I see is a complete flush and reset. Looks locked out. I’ve had this happen and a flush was the only fix

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1133 avg is good. That should be close to your in feed. Convinced its light stressed. If you only needed nitro, you could get a little color back. Good luck bro

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I also reached out to JR Peters and they were good with the approach. They also suggested that I water until run off so that the built up salts can be expelled. I have a $30 indoor plant automatic irrigation from Amazon that only supports up to 5 minutes of watering time that is connected to my reservoir. I suppose it is time I upgrade.

I am considering this product.

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U always gotta water untill 20% runoff in coco. I use watering halos connected to 1/2" line with independent valve control for each. Thoroughly waters them good. When using autowatering setups its important to throw in a good hand watering on occasion to.

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