Nutrient burn? Too much light?

Does this look like nutrient burn to you? Auto flower. I used soil from my outdoor grow this past summer, which had compost in it. I’ve given it nutrients twice, but with a little bit of ph down mixed in.

Temp is mid 70s, humidity mid 50s.

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Looks like your giving them to much light. What lights are you using and distance?

Make and model of light?
Distance from plant?
What are you feeding them?

This might help:

ILGM Grow Support Ticket

Spider farmer. It was about 15 inches away but was able to give it some extra room so now it’s about 18 inches away. It’s at 80% power now. Even when it was small it

had similar issues.

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Spider farmer xlg 100 at 80% as of a week or so.

Which model? I would bump it up to 20-18 inches.

Xlg 100, was able to get it around 21 inches away