Nutrient Burn, Over-watering, or Both? πŸ€”πŸ˜‘

Is this chemical burn?
I have 6 plants, pretty much same soil, same pot, but all growing differently.
How can I bring this one back to life?

In my opinion it needs a flush with ph water. No nutes. Just the sick one. Try n keepvit away from the others as far as you can incase its contagious. Im no expert but thats what id do if it was me. Have a quick look at bergmans free courses. Find one to do with seriouse wilting.
Wait on. It could be forming a root rote.
Need to let pot dry before watering. The top looks dry but under that can stay moist for 3 and more days. If this is the case still ph flush. But let roots breath. Meaning dont over water

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No dramas… will see how it goes…