Nutrient burn or some sort of deficiency

I am trying to figure out what is going on with my two Zskittles females this is my first grow these happen to be two bag seeds of Skittles strain they both ended up being females anyway I am in my first week of flower 12-12 light cycle and I am starting to get a lime green look to my plants and starting to see some of the older leaves getting dried up at the ends I will attach pictures

Also I just found out that I have what I think to be Springtails little tiny bugs that live in the soil and I have no clue yet if they are beneficial and somehow got in there with the Coco loco Coco core that I am using I read that a lot of people that use coco loco have found spring tails in there growing medium if you have any information on this as well says my current situation PLEASE HELP!!

During transition all the new growth (stretch) will be lime green.

That too.

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I also just found out that I have what I think to be springtails in the foxfarm coco loco that im using I am still trying to figure out if these things are beneficial to my medium or if they are doing something to my plants in a negative way they are really small it would be hard to get a video of them but I can try if anyone can help

Do they jump?

Yes they jump and crawl quick but they are white kind of skinny long but really tiny and small and they jump when I run my finger through the top portion of the soil you can see them scattering to hide under soil that is not being moved

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Probably springtails. I’ve heard they can be beneficial to the soil but in the long run, do you want them getting accidentally stuck in your buds? @Myfriendis410 what are your thoughts? I think I’d just want them gone… Captn Jacks Dead Bug or leave them alone?

When you’re having rapid growth feom new shoots they usually come out lighter then darken and uf uts bottom leaves that get no light its normal to turn yellow and die off but indo see those brown spots not sure atm what exactly it is

So far they are doing okay I got the nutrient burn situation figured out I just kept real close look at my ppms and backed off the nutrients as much also we are now going into week six of harvest buds are really small but look really good to me

I also have alot of sugar leaf but the smells that this Skittles strain is putting off is so pungent and gassy and fruity smells like fruity pebbles and they are very sticky