Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


Ya that’s the flower one or the red one


If you do what I said too you can put the whole power strip on a timer, then all three will be set


Yeah just gotta figure out the velcro situation haha. I have them on a timer now from the main strip inside leading out to a strip and into the timer. I just have to buy another long surge protecter now and velcro it up or whatever.


Don’t think its smart plugging a power strip into another one then another lol


They made the box cord so short it’s really stupid imo


I’ve really gone nuts to get this right lol I can’t really shut the closet door anymore because wires running under the rug but this will do not too much time left. I stuck some strings on the plug in case it decided to fail but the velcro says it can stick to cement and brick and it holds up to 15lbs. Stuck the mini fan on the door blowing at the lights.


Looking good man. Only like 8-10 weeks left ;). I have my supreme haze in ffof n gunna transplant my blueberry autos in to that also real soon. Where did u hear ffof had bugs in it lol? I had my supreme haze in a 5 gallon pot in my room for like weeks n didn’t have any bugs. When I moved her into the woods I covered her with de though. But that’s just cuz my gorilla grow is in the middle of a swamp lol


Lol I had a dirt grow with ffof a few years ago and had the gnats in it. I was checking out threads on the forum people say they are getting bags with bugs in it. I have two unopened bags still not sure if I’m going to use it. Think I’m gonna go with the rapid rootz king soil but not 100% on it.


The gnats were nasty though I had the tent in my room. I had to put play sand on top and hit it wit azamax which did nothing. It basically got so nasty I harvested early and the bud was garbage.


If you got the ffof on deck might as well use that. You can buy a bag of de of Amazon for cheap, that should kill any bugs that I guess might come in it. Mine didn’t have a gnat problem though


So I can just mix it in with the soil?


No you dust it on the leaves n the top of the soil


Yo one of my branches got bent real bad. It didn’t snap but pretty close. I can see a big bent mark and it’s a bit flimsy. You think it will be okay?


so you supper cropped your stem? LOL Google it! She will be fine. Give her a day or so to recover and she will be fine!



Oh crap I didn’t realize that lol!


It’ll grow back with a big thick knot in it


Nice, yo I read that led bulbs run cooler than cfls? I swapped two 23 watt 100watt equvilliant bulbs for the cfls but a guy on this forum said they are far more intense but they seem way cooler for sure. …confusing…:dizzy_face: the cfls were burning some of the leaves and I put in two soft leds instead of the 3 cfl. I think it’s going to work out better.


Looking good. The strawberry kush are basically outgrowing the box completely though lol. I hope those work out for ya with all the work you’ve put into them already.


The leaves are probably burning because u still need like 5 inches of space from the bulb to the plant. Not really sure what ta tell ya at this point lol


These lights are running super cool I just stuck a 3rd in you can out your hand next to it and barely feel any heat. It’s more hot at the base not the bulb not too bad.