Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


That plant looks real good


It has a smell it’s def leaving pre flower n going in to flower. I lst’d the hell out of her. It’s a bad pic but there’s about a half dozen cola spots


My goal is 2 zips from.that one plant :wink:


Man this humidity is a killer I put a mini dehumidifier in the box and still pushing 70 percent and finding water spots on the leaves I feel like I’m going to end up with bud rot. Do you recommend cutting some of the fan leaves for better ventilation? It’s getting really clustered in there.


I had to with my bag seeds


N it is just about as full as yours


Yeah gonna clean it up a bit today. I think one of the other plants roots got hurt it’s all droopy must of done it by accident or its just sick


It’s just been raining so much lately it’s just humid outside.


I use the clay hydro pebbles to fill around the plant n fill empty net pots with em. My humidity has been around 60 something % too but I know it’s from the down pouring rains we’ve been having. It jumped like 15% since we got this rainy patch. This rain really needs to stop… My supreme haze I have in a pot to be put outside is creeping up on 2 ft tall n I need to hike her out to my spot… Just don’t want to do a night hike with a 2 ft tall plant in a 5 gallon pot in the rain lol


With that Lil mini fan maybe try aiming it up towards the canopy n the exhaust fans that’ll probably push some humidity out


Yeah this damn rain is making it so humid hopefully it stays sunny out. The suns out right now lol :sunglasses:


Just looked at the weather. I think the rain is about done. Now I just need to pray for a sunny fall so my outdoor grow gets a nice long finishing period.


Wow,yeah it’s pretty cramped in there.
I was gonna suggest to supper crop to help with height, but seeing as how your in flower, get more opinion,don’t know if it will make them hermie


Yeah looks like I’m going to have to just tie then down hardcore lol probably trim big fan leaves. I’ve trimmed twice already and these beasts just replenish haha. They were fem seeds so isn’t hermi rare? I suppose anything is possible. 2 more days of the 2nd week hopefully I can pull it off. I’m never doing so many plants at once in one box its a waste.


Ya you def left em in veg a bit too long for that box lol. My cfls are on a timer, same timer I had the led on, just kinda took that out to put in the cfls, still kinda nervous I might bleach the buds cuz the colas are starting to get fat n tall. Luckily only a couple more weeks till I can start cutting some of the buds n letting them dry. With this box I basically calculated you gotta do the flip when they’re 12 inches tall… Which kinda sucks cuz they won’t grow to there full potential, but harvests will be quicker. I have 2 gold leafs in an extra res in a homemade veg spot that I might only be able to put in the box for a couple weeks before I have to flip, they’re already probably 5-6 inches tall. Might top em just to slow the growth to give these bag seeds an extra week or two to finish lol. N hermies are made when the plant is stressed a bunch, so really it doesn’t matter if it’s a fem, auto or bag seed really, you stress em to much they might flip on you. But honestly for your first grow if you can just get some bud out of it I’d call it a win. You learned a bunch n you will get a lil bud to sample.


You def need to trim some fan leafs though, that led isn’t getting through that canopy at all lol. You could maybe try getting some t-5’s n link em together. Then you’ll be able to get some light throughout the canopy, then maybe rig up one or two cfls at the top. They did exactly what I was afraid was gunna happen to you, out grew the box hard body lol. Live n learn though. Next run you’ll know to veg for a shorter time, put less plants in n maybe top em, n set up the scrogg lower. RN all I can say to do in get that led out n put some different lights in so you don’t bleach your buds n trim off a bunch of fan leafs to try n get some light/air flow. I bet the humidity is high af in the box because of all those leafs


Search budgetgardener on that guy sells cfls with sockets so you can have em on a timer n also have 2-4 bulb splitters. My 4 bulb 400w CFL rig was 45$ from him. Came in like 2or3 days, he’s only up in Maine. I would suggest getting that cuz those bulbs are still supposed to have a lil clearance. What is the Kelvin on those bulbs? You could get an outlet strip, double sided Velcro it to the top n use the bulbs you have already. You just wanna made sure it’s the red spectrum for flowering like 500-5500 Kelvin I think


Def at min get a timer n hook a power strip up to it, hang it on the roof of the box then get those bulbs s out the leaves


one of the buds from my bag seed batch. I think it’s about there almost.


Some of the leaves got fried gonna have to do what you said and velcro it