Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


Make sure you get the roots out too


I should of took a pic but the fan leaf was grey ing right at were it started strangest thing


Damn the roots are real thick this is gonna b a bitch


They are not happy had to turn the lights on


Ya I know I had to pull one of mine of my bag seeds. It was a runt that got no light under.the canopy n just like laid over n died lol


Just pull gently from the net cup up. Just try to get as much out with out them all ripping


Ok I got mostly all except this thick one


Yeah basically what happened but I was just worried about the rust fungi I found at the bottom


Makes me wanna check under my res :x I haven’t pulled it out in… Since I put it in I think lol


Maybe I will be ok the buds are just starting so nothing could be in them probably


You should probably pump out ur res. See if you can get any extra crap out


Yeah probably will get loose roots. I’m set to flush in 2 days so I’m gonna just wait until then. These plants look real sad right now lol


Just hope hydro guard will fight off the remain ing dead stuff until harvest


Nice. I have 3 blueberry autos started in dirt for my outdoor gorilla grow. N then my northern lights auto in my smaller box


Worked so hard lol


my NLA. She’s looking good


Awsome how much longer on that? This is auto right


She’s like 35 ish days old


Nice so they auto flower at about 2 to 4 weeks I read


Does it stink real strong?