Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


You can def raise that light up higher also. LEDs are recommended to have a couple ft of clearance. The reason I had to switch to cfls to finish my bag seeds grow in my yield machine was cuz they were getting light burn. If I were you I would raise it as high as u can get that son of a gun and switch to 12/12. You didn’t top any of your plants right? You might not need a scrogg but they’ll be 6 tall Christmas tree looking guys, but that’s fine youll have six strawberry kush plants with 6 huge colas


Yeah I didn’t top. I removed a couple lower leaves and some giant fan leaves but that’s it. I’ll raise it up to the max and switch over. Perhaps I could tie it if they get to tall


Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.


Next grow I’m probably only going to do 2 plants instead of 6 haha :slight_smile:


Ya def np. And ya you could probably get some gardening tie wire n tape it to the sides of the box to pull them apart some. Once they go into the stretch of the 12/12 you’ll be able to cut off alot more of the bottom leaves. I defoliated the hell out of my bag seeds cuz there’s 5 in my yield machine n 2 are topped. One plant just isn’t growing cuz she gets like barely any light lol


Haha I was thinking of putting in the 600 watt led too sinse my res temp has been stable


Gonna mess around with it in a little while.


Do you think autos are better in these boxes? I do have some auto seeds.


I mean I have two gold leaf seedlings in my little box I’m planning on putting in my big box once it clears out… But autos I think would be great in it because they don’t grow as big n have a shorter life span. After the gold leafs I have a grape ape bag seeds I’mma probably try in the yield machine max n top it a few times n get it bushy… That is if it turns out to be female. Can’t really know what you’ll get with bag seeds… Even though the six I planted to learn hydro all turned out being females.


Nice I have a variety of autos like bubblegum, northern lights and white widow. Some others too. I think I want to do the og fem kush next though. But maybe autos are good for what I currently have. I think I’m going to get a bigger tent that will just fit in my space so I can use the inline fan which will have excellent air circulation instead of these small cpu fans built in these boxes. But that’s to decide after I make it through this :grinning: I installed the 600 watt led but I’m afraid it might be to warm but im going to see.


Probably will be lol. The Mars hydro was to warm for ya lol.


Yeah it was a fail lol stuck with this one


@Noctis420 this is the hot sloppy overcrowded mess you’ll run in too if you don’t switch to 12/12 soon and possibly think about some kind of scrogg. Ushally ur supposed to let it veg in to the scogg for a week or two, but if I were you with the limited space I would set it up a couple inches above your canopy n let the flip stretch fill the screen with green.


Those bad boys are pretty tall for the box :x the 2 week stretch might put you in my boat where you’re to close to the LED. Keep n eye out for light burn. You might have to finish with cfls like me :stuck_out_tongue:


These things grew so much in just a few days it’s crazy. I have some cfl bulbs if it comes down to it but we’ll see.


I noticed that one plant barly even grew and it was getting all gray on the leaves this really sucks I’m not sure what to do. It was all along the right side on the bottom. It’s stupid because noticed it was wet my last flush and dried it all up really good now I might be done 4


I’ll be waiting patiently for a answer. I don’t want to smoke mold :sweat:


@Noctis420 if you Clean it it should be good I would think. Can I see a close up of the grey one? I can’t tell which one is grey from the pic.


I had cut it down it never really grew right all the rest are very green


I just scrubbed the whole bottom really well