Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


U might have to get a chiller cuz 75 is no bueno. Won’t be able to take up O2. Try having your lights on during the night n off during the hot parts of the day


That’s a good idea but if I change the light won’t it stress the plants im currently running it 5am to 11pm


I should get a chiller, do you know which ones are good at a reasonable price? Maybe you can help me pick one out from amazon or maybe I should go to a hydro store. Also co2 tablets came with the box those any good? I have not used em yet. I could switch it to 7pm to 1pm probably gonna have to maybe that’s why they are turning yellow too. My resivor temp right now is 69 degrees


It’s so early you could switch


I changed the time it will definitely help with temperature problems not sure why I didn’t think of that at the start lol


N for the co2 tabs it kinda makes no sense to put them in the res cuz roots want oxygen. I put a lil water in tuper ware thing n throw em in that. I feel like it probably makes co2 in the air.


IDK where u live… But in new England we have this thing called high ass humidity all the time lol. Do u have an issues with humidity? I know the simple answer is dehumidifier but as u r aware having the same cab as me… There isn’t room :x… Ideas from a fellow unique hydroponicer? @Noctis420


I live in new England lol, I know this cab is starting to piss me off I’m having high humidity too. I’m ready to switch to a tent because this box is failing. It still leaking smell bad. Earlier it was at 50% humidity and now it’s like 90 out. So it’s still in the closet with ac pumping. I’m not sure how we can get the humidity down.


Hear that. I’m on the third floor lol. Bout to bust out my room ac early this year >.>


At least yours is only 50 mine sits at 60%. Probably cuz I don’t have an ac on it


Room was sitting at 85 yesterday so I broke down n took out my account for my room. Made me n the plants more comfortable lol


Here is a updated pic, hows it look to you?


I have a dehumidifier outside the box but it’s not doing anything for in there im hoping these little fans will help


It’s almost time to flower but I don’t want bud rot :sweat:


Your humidity shouldn’t be that much of a problem I wouldn’t think. It’s in the 40-50s range right? That’s what my big box sits around


It’s at 80 in thete right now


It’s just so damn humid outside it’s awful


I was getting water spots on my leaves. maybe I could keep the res half full to battle the moisture. I’m trying to figure something out


It’s just gotta be the weather it’s never been this high before I know my resume is extremely full too though.


Resivor * damn phone typing errors