Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


Why can’t u have it near a window if you don’t mind me asking? I know I have to be stealth cuz I’m in an apartment complex, but ur going hard body on hiding it lol


Let’s just say there are a lot of nosy people so i need it locked up. Even though it’s legal I still get nervous :grimacing: lol i was gonna message you but I can’t seem to figure out how?


Damn the roots have grown insanely they are pretty thick too, changing the res is going to be quite a task! :cold_sweat:


I use a mag pump to change my res I simply pump it to mostly dry then flush it with clean water and pump again then reverse pump to add nutrient solution mind you 27 Gal res


@Donaldj should I be doing a res flush every time I pump out my water?


if you pump it nutrients turn into solids overtime and build on bottom of res throwing off ppm and leading to issues flushing res out helps reduce this. When you hear about nutrients being stable for set time it means once mixed they start to interact with each other leaving free radicals in the system


@Noctis420 if you figure out how to PM let me know cuz I’m def down getting more in-depth with our grows and strategies since we are using the same set-up


@Donaldj wish I read that post before I changed my res last night >.< Guess it’s just a new step to start doing


It won’t hurt to miss odd system flush but most product lines suggest you do flush your res monthly at the least I just do it routinely during changes to keep it so what I give my plants is what they are getting


@Noctis420 do you have a res thermometer? I’m at petco now seeing what they have. I know your system runs hot in that closet so I was just wondering if you had problems with that. I need to get better at having little basic stuff like that lol. I still don’t even know what the temp of my box runs at lol


I test the temp with my ph tester and I have 3 thermometers in the box and they all say a different temperature lol


I have 3 of these

One on the left side, one on the right and one down against the res box. They are cheap but it’s working for me.


I need to stop being lazy slash cheap n get a few lol. I got a lil submergible one for the res today at Petco… 3.99 lol. It’s funny I have 2 air pumps in both of my boxes, basically every nute and supplement you could ever need, added a t5 light to my yield machine box and have a CFL 2 bulb system in the mail… But I don’t have a thermometer in either box…


@Noctis420 how are the plants doing?


Getting crowded in there :slight_smile:


Yeah haha I just flushed again now they are looking happy.


Res is getting up to 75 any tips to cool it down


Ice bottle/pack


Take the cab out of the closet :p?


Lol I knew you were gonna say that