Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


Hmm I already filled that out up above ^. I only use distilled for convenience, I can’t be leaving pales of water around It just won’t work for me. Also the water is only a buck lol. I can take a updated pic though to show how its doing.


Market basket, 50 cent a gallon for distilled xD. Also what’s the problem with gh? They have come highly recommend to me by my hydroshop worker who also after a long convo of me asking questions told me about his side clone business lol. I personally don’t use them as they are recommended because it would have you adding pretty high lvls of nitrogen throughout​ all of flowering which to me seems counter productive, I use them as I feel will work best for the stage of my plants based on research I’ve done since starting my hydro experiment.


I mean if you think the other nutes will work better go for it, but for the sake of saving you cash… Especially when I told you hydroguard keep res’s clean beyond and you called it pricey lol. I’m switch nute lines is pricey imo when u have 3 full bottles


They look pretty healthy to me, other than the ones that were effected by the earlier problems. How are your roots looking? Dropping can be caused by rot I’m pretty sure if I recall right. Still recommend hydroguard. Buy an 8oz bottle off Amazon to test it so you won’t have to spend alot on a full QT.


The roots look pretty white I have some hydroguard coming in today from amazon just been waiting for the mail. As soon as it gets here I’ll put it in.


The yellow did spread to some new growth though. Front left one I removed leaves. And It got more yellow appearing. Hopefully the guard will cure it. The yellowing is a little less severe tho. I put nutes in last night before bed maybe they just don’t like to be fed lol


Hey Tony do you use peat pellets?


The flora trio provides to much nitrogen?


I hate jiffy pellets. I am team #jiffypellethater. I use those root riot lil gh plant plugs. Way less water retention than those pellets


Lemme find a thread that has helped me quite a bit. It’s all about deficiency

#53 you being in front of ur plants n seeing the leaves with your own two eyes n then matching to the pics will make it easier for you I feel @Noctis420


N ya the trio should give u plenty of nitrogen. My suggestion is look at the npk on each bottle and create it own dosage based on what stage the plant is at. I didn’t use the bloom for a long time even though it calls for it. I just put extra grow n the recommended amount of micro

ATM I use only bloom and the there pk booster Kool bloom or something because I think my plants don’t need as much nitrogen as it’s calling for on the recommended dosage. Research is your friend. Really look up and understand what plants need at every stage of life. Google is ur friend


Well I added the hydro guard and they are looking great! Thanks for the help.


Told yaaaaaa (: stuffs a1 for dwc roots


So @Noctis420 if you were going to add supplemental light to your box what do you think you would do? I want to add extra light in the red spectrum to try n rush these bag seeds out of my yield machine max


That’s kinda tough sinse it’s so tight in there, but maybe you could get a light clamp like and look for a LED bulb or some other red bulb. You can probably squeeze that in there and it won’t run to much heat and of course remove the metal thing off of it though. I bought this one a while back You just have to mess around until you get it hanging were you want it with a rope ratchet unless u can can clamp it somewhere. I used that bulb for a ltitle while in a prevous project it worked pretty good. They don’t seem to cost to much either pretty cheap but this one isn’t all red though. I guess it depends if you got plugs open up top still. Think there is 3 plugs I’m not using in mine other than that I can’t really think of anything. Hope this helps lol

What light are you using now?


Just the 300w that it came with. Did u upgrade the light or are u using the stock light too?


Mine came with a mars hydro 300watt square light but the damn thing got so hot it was over 100 degrees and it burnt up my two plants on my last run. I installed it and checked a few hours later and thought the light was going to literally melt so I got a new one.
I’m using this light now

Not saying mars hydro is a bad light, just what I’m working with can’t deal with the intense heat it gave out. It’s gotta be stealth. I had the light at the recommended distance too.

I also have a 600 watt ufo but, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it cool enough. Even though it’s been cool outside. You could probably upgrade if you have your box by the window.


I wonder why your light got so hot… Never had heat problems really. You keep ur box in a closet though right?


Yeah its in a closet that’s why most likely. Also that’s why I was worried it was mold on my plants. Although this other light doesn’t get hot like that one did. I really need a better location but I have little options.