Nutrient Burn or Fungis?


Ya cfls are pretty nice to have on hand when you have lil stealth grow boxes like us for if u let the plants out grow it like we did lol. I’m still trying to decide if in a week or two when I clear out my big box if I should move my NLA in to my big box under the 300w led to finish or just more the 4 bulb CFL setup in to the little box


I got the leds in there they are cooler than the cfls


I’m so mad fungus gnats were in my soil. So I covered it with sand and taped the drain holes…uhg


Get some de. You can order a small bag on Amazon for cheap


Think I should get rid of the sand? The crawling insect killer?


IDK. I’m kinda new to using dirt n I’m only doing it for an outdoor grow. I wouldn’t tape the drain holes though, you need them for draining lol. Maybe keep what you’re doing for now until you get de. Make sure it’s food grade de though


Toss the box?


I ment ur tossing the strawberry kush grow?


Don’t do that if u live near mass I’ll adopt em n add em to my outdoor grow


Good if u do I nose em xD


OMG you need to get a tent for those lol


It’s only on one node of the whole plant


Looks like it unfortunately… Maybe wait for a few more opinions… Cut them off if u decide to keep her


Only 3 weeks left so I guess I’m going to just let it go. I pinched them off. I know the plant is really stressed though not enough room in the box.


Meh not sure what to do with it :thinking:


Ride it out. First grow, if you get a half-afull oz from it even if it has some seeds call it a win. I got 18 grams from my first grow n I’m calling it a win because the bud is halfway decent n what I learned has my NLA about to produce at least double of that with tight dence buds that have a nice purple tint n alot of orange hairs. Think of it this way, you might at least get as many strawberry kush seeds back that u started with n have the knowledge to grow those ones much more efficiently.


How long has it been since the switch


I’m on week 6 @Tonyb


@Noctis420 looking good. Keep on keeping on! Little ways to go, but getting juicy!


Today is actually the last day before the last two weeks.