Nutrient Burn, light to close, can anyone help?

First time Girls Scout Cookies. Yellow on end, edges curling? Nutrient burn, lights? Can anyone help? Thank you.


She’s curling because of heat stress most likely. What’s your temps, and the wattage of your light and distance from plant?


It does look like your light was to close heating the leaves causing the outer edges to curl up.

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I place this over 30" away from the plant.

SZHLUX PT4000 LED Grow Light 6×6ft with Timer and Temp Control, Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Dimmable with 864 Samsung Diodes for Indoor Plants, Sunlight Plant Light for Seedling Veg and Bloom Grow Light

I went ahead and doubled the distance from light, should that work?

That light is strange, I looked it up on Amazon, they recommend you keep it 30 inches away during seedling

It sounds like the light tries to auto adjust it’s brightness based on the readings from the temperature sensor, i would not recommend using this auto feature imo

Can you select which mode it stays in?

If I were you, if that thing is still in the return window I would return it and buy from a quality light manufacture without the strange unneeded complexities of this light.


Yeah , I’m with other members leafs curling up to protect thereself. (heat) Light little too close.


My 1st thoughts she looks a little hungry.

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I use this schedule, on week 5.

It is important to note this pic was taken on the day before I put nutrients in.

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I grow in soil so I’m not the best one to advise feeding Schedule for Hydro. Let’s tag in a couple members. @Caligurl @Spiney_norman

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Apparently the listed nutrients are for 1 gallon, but I have a 5 gallon container, I’m wondering if I need to multiply each amount times 5 when I put it in there?

Have I screwed everything up?


What nutrients are you using ?
What is your process for mixing?

You should be landing in the PPMs range for feeding. Any schedule should tell you what the parts per million should be.


Bottom up yellow should be nitrogen but like I always say, please test ph of soil by doing a soil slurry test before you chase any deficiency

And are those pots able to drain into something? I always water to runoff and test the runoff if anything seems off


Looks like “Feed Me” but I defer to the runoff numbers


Question, gsc auto flower, budding, very bottom leaves yellow and dying.

Can I trim leaves that don’t have buds? Seems
To be sucking nitrogen for no reason.

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I appreciate all the help.

Yes multiply by 5. No, you haven’t screwed everything up.


Some pictures would help us make better recommendations,

But as cannabis plants flower they need more resources and will pull it out of the lower leaves causing them to yellow crumble and fall off.

The plant is actually using the mobile nutrients from those leaves in that process. I typically take the lower fan leaves off anytime I need to improve air flow through the canopy, or once it looks like the plant has used everything it needed from the leaves and they are dying.

Most growers do a healthy level of trimming 2-4 times during the plants lifecycle, around the first two weeks of flowering most growers take off unneeded fan leaves.

I was wondering about that , I have yellow leaves not producing bud leaves at the bottom, should I trim the off?

I’ve seen grows that have just buds and sugar leaves and I am getting there now. I need to know where to trim.

I am a little worried about posting pics her now as I’m in a state where it might not be good.

Off topic , in week 7 I have been having to add water every two days because of loss of water; how does this effect my nutrients.

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