Nutrient balance question

From a fellow grower: Im using the grow fert and when measuring my PH its around 7-8 (fox farms soil) I need to get the PH down, will your fertilizer manage this for me or do I need to take additional steps to get the PH lower. Im scheduled to use week 2 of your grow fert this Monday, I believe the Growtime product has a Nitrogen value of 19. My soil is too alkaline (7-8) so I read I can add lemon juice or vinegar to the water to get it more acidic and closer to (5-6). but don’t want to do that if your product will adjust the soil PH automatically for if I double up and don’t need to, I can introduce Nitrogen burn

You need to take additional steps to lower ph. Phosphoric acid is also safe and effective at lowering ph.

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Many of us use pH Up and pH down from General Hydroponics to make adjustments for watering and feeding.

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I use a pinch of citric acid powder.

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I use lemon juice. To lower my PH.

How are you measuring this? With one of those 3 in 1 soil probe meters? If so it’s worthless.