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This is my first time growing. I am doing outdoor for now with supplementing some lighting at night. I have it in a 3 gallon smart pot with coco/perlite. Started the seed after popping in a red cup and stupid miracle grow soil (didn’t read anything before starting and had no clue). She’s been fimmed about 6 days ago and is growing back. No drooping or stress signs from transfer or FIM either. I just did a ph, nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus test off the run off. The PH seems to be a little high. The phosphorous and potash seem high as well, but the nitrogen seems really deficient. What can do to balance these all out without increasing the already high numbers? I have the fox farm trio nutrients on the ready whenever it will be needed as well as cal mag. Any advice appreciated!

The last pic is the other seedling I have going on right now as well (to show how I started the bigger one)

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So I made the newbie move of not ph’ing the water first. Been using my brita filtered water to water since I thought I’d be giving the girls some pure water. Turns out the water ph is looking a little over 7.0 with some phosphorous and a very small amount of potash. Have some tap water sitting out to help with any chlorine and then will run tests on that as well. Still at the low nitrogen high everything else problem it seems. Will update with the tap water tests tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

Oops here’s a better ph test view.

Consider switching to a PH pen. Readings are much more accurate and not subject to approximating what color you are matching. Are u using a light? Quite a lot of space between nodes. If you are, you may want to lower it a bit so it doesn’t stretch quite as much.


Thanks! I might need to do the ph pen way. When she was younger I had the cfl a little too far and learned that those can run closer. Since then the newer nodes are a little closer but yeah I was afraid she was a little stretched.

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She is grown mostly outdoors in sunlight and supplementing with cfl.

Here she is today. Been in the sun all day. The seedling has gotten some sun too and I believe i light burned her pretty good last night (but that’s a different issue for a different topic). Should I feed with the Fox farm nutrients since the nitrogen is so low?

The advice to buy a decent pH meter is solid.

Both seedling and veg plant are in mg soil, correct?

I see the veg plant with zero issues. I would not add anything. Just keep watering with properly pH’d water and hope for the best. It may have gotten a little warm for it today. There’s a slight cupping of the leaves. Be sure to let them acclimate to the sun.

When it comes time to transplant the seedling DO NOT use mg or any other” time release” soil . I’m a fan of fox farms ocean forest and/or happy frog.

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Thanks! Yeah both were unfortunately started in year old MG soil I had from my other plants (smh dumb on my part). When I moved the veg I put it into a 3 gallon smart that was coco/perlite only mix. Some of the mg soil fell off during transplant. Seedling will eventually be transported into same. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing to the veg one and hope the seedling keeps going.

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Ok. So you’re basically now in an inert media. That’s fine actually. You will need to add nutes eventually. Watch your leaves closely. If they start looking off in any way, (color, shape, droop) take some pics and post ASAP. We’ll guide you through. You will need an accurate way to pH the nutrient solution. You probably have a week or so, get a meter.

Btw- don’t beat yourself up about the mg soil, many many many people make that mistake. I did.

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Awesome thanks! Will do. I will keep updating. And afraid I caught the “grow bug” already love doing this.

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It’s quite addictive. Even more so when you try to improve each grow.

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image image image image image

Tested the tap water that sat out for 24hrs and the ph was similar to the brita (a little over 7) but seems like the potash and phosphorous Levels are negligible. Should I be using ph down to lower the ph of the water a bit? Or will it lower when we slowly start adding nutes into the water in about a week?

Otherwise Veg plant is recovering nice from the FIM. And seems to be happy and growing. Gonna LST her soon when the new growth is a little bigger.
The seedling on the other hand still has that burnt leaf that’s not doing good but seems to still have new growth. Gonna reduce the light exposure and keep it cooler the rest of the day and night and see how the little one pulls through.

@LetTheGoodTimesGrow, you will definitely need pH up and down. The nutes will change the PH levels. You need a digital PH meter and ppm meter.


Getting some of those today. Thanks!

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image image

Veg plant looking pretty good with one small issue. The tip of the new leaf growth seems to be browning a bit. Could this be from the nitrogen deficiency that I found in the run off tests last watering? I have FF nutes on deck ready when needed and cal mag as well.

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Looking nice and healthy. I personally wouldn’t worry about that tip, since you have pH meters coming

Awesome! That’s a relief to hear. The seedling is doing great as well!