Nutrient Amount Help

So I decided to invest in some new nutrients and got the Jungle Juice line for Advanced Nutrients. Now. There app doesn’t have this specific line of nutrients so I emailed them and quickly they got back to me with a website from them that lets me create a chart for Jungle Juice. Well it says I’m supposed to start week 1 at like 0.3-1.3ml of certain nutrients on this chart working my way up to 4ml at week 4 and then I would stay at 4ml till I got to the height of the plant I wanted. Well there app, shows I’m supposed to START at 4ml and END at 16ml at week 4 with all there other lines of nutrients. And even when I do the chart for just regular Ph Perfect AN it says start at 1.3 nutrients and end at 4ml. So I’m just confused…how much do I start with? If I only have to given 4ml on Veg and flower that would save me a lot of money compared to 16ml of each nutrient lol. Here’s a picture of the chart and the app.

If you are worried about quantity, remember that for the first month or so they won’t even get a gallon of water. So 4ml/gl turns into 1ml/qt etc.

I personally would use what they say to use unless you see problems. You paid a lot for it and yes, they probably want you to use it up faster, but they also want you to buy their stuff again.

Edited: Also, read all the directions, notes, etc. I see people with issues using the Fox Farms line, but I have not had an issue using full strength. But the directions also call for regular flushes, and every other ‘feeding’ is just ph’d water.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with quality? I asked which chart to go by. And I don’t even have Fox Farms? Lol I have Advanced Nutrients. The app says one thing and there website says another.

OK, I wasn’t even recommending FF nutes. just that I would read the directions. I figured that was one of those top dollar lines. If not, oh well. If nothing else read the bottle. That stuff had to be approved by someone. Or not. Could have breezed by and left you hanging. Whatever.

True. I’m sorry. I thought you were just darting off somewhere else. Lol

But it’s just a huge difference between 16ml and 4ml in a gallon. Lol

Also, on the website it uses Big Bud powder. I have Big Bud liquid. Just follow the bottle or follow the website lmao. Bottle says 2ml/g 3-5 weeks into Bloom.

Don’t know anything about that brand. Can’t help. Good luck.

Ya know, it’s possible the chart recommending more is for bloom and the other chart recommending less is for Veg.